In this instructable I will try to help you with finding the right FPV goggles, and flying an FPV quadcopter.

Step 1: Finding The Right FPV System

Finding the right FPV system is very critical. Personally I have the fatshark predator v2 goggles. But, there are many different types of FPV systems. you can choose from watching the video on a screen, or on goggles. The goggles are generally a better bet, but they are also more expensive. If you are going to get into the hobby for aerial photography, then you will probably want to go with the fatshark predator v2 or better. Although, if you are just wanting to fly fpv for fun, than you will just need the fatshark teleporters. I have found that you really don't need that high quality of goggles for flying, because you dont need to see everything in HD.

<p>Nice post! Thanks!</p><p>I'd add one more tip.. get ready to sink some serious $$$ into the hobby, it is seriously addictive.</p><p>For a deeper dive I highly recommend the all in one Beginner's Guide to FPV <a href="http://guidetofpv.com" rel="nofollow"> http://guidetofpv.com</a></p>
<p>How to you tell if you are drifting left or right while FPV? I am having difficulty with keeping far enough away from the house and obstacles while hovering, because I cannot tell if I am drifting left or right. I am using the mobius camera with the type A lens.</p>

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