Picture of How to Fold a Book into a Word - The original tuto
Here it is : the tuto to make yourself a folded book.

Whatever you want to write or make a shape.

WARNING : this is the original tuto, with all the steps
With this one you will make really detailed altered books.

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Step 1: Download Photoshop

Picture of Download Photoshop
This tuto is made with Photoshop (you can find a free trial version on the web).

Step 2:

Picture of
Open a new file, pixel scale.

Width is the number of sheets.
WARNING : I said “sheets” and not pages !!

For the height : height of your sheets in cm (be careful, the cover can be higher) multiplied x12.
This increase is for the final distorsion (folded sheets take up more space).

Step 3:

Picture of
Choose the custom shape tool or the text tool.

If it is a word, choose your font and create a layer for each letter.

WARNING : if it’s a word don’t leave space between each letter (each column must have a black area).

Step 4:

Picture of
In the “view” menu, check “rulers” and “extras“.

Use the “pencil tool“, “square brushes“, size 1 pixel.

Step 5:

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Rasterize layer.
Zoom until the ruler shows each pixel.

We’re going to modify areas where the text (or the shape) has two parts on the same column.

For the “L“, the grey areas won’t be changed (vertical lines are not broken).

Step 6:

Picture of
Keep in mind that each column is a sheet of your book.

With the “pencil tool” (square brushe, size 1 px, white color) erase one column out of two in the upper area.
Then erase one column out of two in the lower area shifting the deletion from the upper area.

At the folding time, you will have :
- first sheet for the upper part,
- second sheet for the lower part,
- third sheet for the upper part…. and so on, until complete columns.

Step 7:

Picture of
Do the same for letters “o” and “v“.

The “e” is special, because you don’t have 2 areas on the same column but 3 !!
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could anyone help me I'm stuck on how to do a letter "i" a small letter I with a dot on the top it's the only letter which doesn't look right xx

sinubuj4 months ago

Here you can create your own graphical pattern for free, to fold your own name.

Thank you - very helpful

Hi I didnt understand how the pattern works on this either. Really thought this link was what i was looking for, an easy way to get started. I typed in 350 pages for the word HOME. I was sent 349 lines with the word HOME spaced out with unused pages then the O and E all on 1 line instead of different. Cannot see how you can fold this word into 350 pages (175 sheets)???

350 is the last pagenumber at the last book page, 175 are the number of book pages. The pattern has for each book page one line and on the line is the pageumber. Depending on the folding direction even or odd pagenumbers

Yes I can understand that, and i used your pattern of a love heart which came out beautiful thankyou. What im struggling to understand is how you fold letters like the O or E? E has 3 different folds, top middle and bottom so surely I would run out of pages as the top middle and bottom of the E is all on the same line.

Then you are on the right tuto !
Look at the steps 6-7 & 8 and you will find how to fold ;-)

i was responding to sinubuj free graphical pattern. Like yourself didnt understand how you can use it for words! It works ok with a shape. Unfortunatly I dont have photoshop and cant get a free trail as my duaghter had it in the past. Ive found other free online photoshops, etc but as i dont know how to use them i cant follow your tuto :( I guess ill have to wait till i can afford to buy it :'(

I understood you're using Sinubuj's graphical pattern!
I was just telling you to look at the pictures of my tuto to see how to fold letters like O or E. It's the same way : you have to "cut" lines which are made with several areas.

Your first piece is nice!
I offer 5 free patterns here :

Beware, folding can be addictive ;-)

I understand now, thankyou so much for your help :)

my 1st piece!

Faitmain-Faitcoeur (author)  sinubuj4 months ago

It's just the graph of the shape, the hardest parts are not done!!

When buying on my online shop, I send a pdf pattern containing the marks for each sheet of your book : you can start folding immediatly!...

Yes, the graph of the shape with all marks for eache book page. Look inside the instruction book than you can see how to fold its easy

Faitmain-Faitcoeur (author)  sinubuj4 months ago

I don't understand, this is the link to the book "Wir lieben papier", not to the pattern... ?

Look inside = "Blick ins Buch"

Faitmain-Faitcoeur (author) 4 months ago

New! My online shop is opened :-)

rasha9255 months ago

Do you have the word (Read)? I really need it.

Faitmain-Faitcoeur (author)  rasha9255 months ago

All my free patterns are here :

lwright226 months ago

is this as complicated as it looks? i'm desperate to do my own wordssss

Faitmain-Faitcoeur (author)  lwright226 months ago

No, it looks much more complicated as it is ;-)

Did you start to fold a book with an already made pattern? It helps to understand the tuto!
On my website, at this time, there is 22 different patterns (for free!).

Enjoy create,

One other solution to folding two words is to make the pattern so the letters of the word on top fall mostly between the letters on the bottom. This way you are not losing so much definition.
I agree about not cutting. I refuse to cut any pages :)
ebredberg8 months ago

Well, maybe I´m stupid, but if I want 2 words like in the picture, how can I make a pattern for that?


Are you okay with cutting in your book? I've seen a couple of people do that, to get more folds from each page (like when they're making an O, they'll cut the pages to get both the upper and lower part of the letter on each page instead of alternating) and think that might work.So you'd make a cut maybe a third down of the pages, looking at that picture, and you could use the upper third to write "the".
I wouldn't cut more pages than the ones that cover your top word though. (I've never tried, I'm just guessing.)

sorry about lengthy, and possibly useless, comment. I just thought "maaaybe..."

Faitmain-Faitcoeur (author)  jessicapct8 months ago

Sacrilege !! ;-)

Even though the book is folded, it is not degraded.
It pains me to cut a book....

It sounds smart but I gave up for this time, I don´t became friends with photoshop ;)

Faitmain-Faitcoeur (author)  ebredberg8 months ago

Oops, I miss the "reply" button. Therefore my answer is above your question....

Faitmain-Faitcoeur (author) 8 months ago

Same technic, but you will have many areas in the same column --> your letters may loose accuracy.

Is it better to do 2 books and put it together that way instead?

Faitmain-Faitcoeur (author)  ebredberg8 months ago

Yes, it could be a solution.

If you use the program paintnet there is a plugin that will count the pixels for you :)
Meteorka10 months ago

People,I need help))
Could someone help to calculate cm?

Faitmain-Faitcoeur (author)  Meteorka10 months ago

Take a look at step 10.
You have to manually pick pixels measurements and divide them by 12 to recover cm measurements.

Finally made my own! Thank you!
13, 7:29 PM.jpg
Just for clarification on folding... (using image 11 as example) If the first part of the letter "L" uses 2 sheets for each part of the curve, top and bottom. Do you also use 2 sheet for the solid part of the letter (colums 40-55ish)? or are they individual sheets at that point? Thanks
Take a look at step 6 : " Keep in mind that each column is a sheet of your book."  So, after having erased your letters (or design), one black area is one sheet ! (whatever it was before).
Ok, EACH column is a (page) sheet of the book - Got It ! I was thinking each "sheet" was two pages of the book. Thanks for the explanation. Merry Christmas !!
I am trying to make a book with 3 letters. My letters are very small when I make the pattern. My book is 255 pages and 45cm in height. My biggest letter is only 15cm tall. What am I doing wrong?
Some fonts are smaller than other.
Did you try to change the font size on Photoshop ?
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