You can use this folding technique for any dollar bill! I prefer using a $1 because I'm cheap like that. :)

Have fun! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. Please be considerate and let me know what you think!

Step 1: Getting Started

Start with the front up. Crease horizontally down the middle and fold both the top and bottom sides inward like the second picture.
<p>That was really easy. Thanks!</p>
<p>I did fine until I got to the sleeves, but I finally did it !!! </p>
<p>The perfect shirt for any guy!</p>
I like this, i've seen other people with them but never been able to make one for myself. <br> <br>I pratised with paper first 'cause I was a bit worried it wouldn't work with a &pound;20 note but it did! <br> <br>So I gave my younger brother the matching &pound;20 t-shirt and trouser set in his card for his 16th birthday. <br> <br>It was easier than buying a gift and he loved them and put a photo of them as his display picture! <br> <br>:)

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