Introduction: How to Fold a Shirt in 1 Second

If you're watching this, then I assume you're a housewife and you're done with chores. You just want a better way to deal with those stupid work but how?

Step 1: Gather All the Items

Picture of Gather All the Items

You'll only need items around your house.

- Cardboard

- Duct tape

- Scissors or Kinfe

Step 2: Cut Out Accordingly

Picture of Cut Out Accordingly

You'll need to cut out 4 pieces of cardboard and tape them according to the image.

2x 70cm*30cm

1x 30cm*30cm

1x 40cm*30cm

Step 3: To Use It..

Picture of To Use It..

To use it to fold your shirt in an instant lay your shirt onto the cardboard, then fold the shirt from left and right. Then fold the shirt from bottom up.

Step 4: Have Fun!

I hope you like this fun little life hack, do check out my video and my Youtube Channel for more fun and awesome projects and videos!


marchare13 (author)2017-07-21

i live in an old folks home. this is how our clothes are gonna be coming back. our laundry people will be wanting to send you some aussie scones. thats just lovely. didn't know the big bang came in episodes. should i start watching tv?

5Volts (author)marchare132017-07-22

actually it was my mom taught me to do this =D

hien408 (author)2017-07-18

That's so cool.

5Volts (author)hien4082017-07-19

Thanks man

nuckles (author)2017-07-18

wasnt this from a big bang theory episode?

sheldon used it help fold his laundry....

5Volts (author)nuckles2017-07-19

oh i didn't know that, my mom gave me this idea =D

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