Introduction: How to Fold a XL Twin Sheet

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Materials needed:

a) A fitted sheet

b) A flat surface, such as a table

Step 1:

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Begin by standing in an open area

Step 2:

Hold a fitted sheet out in front of your body so that you are facing the elastic edges of the sheet.

Tip: Notice the fitted sheet consists of two longer sides and two shorter sides

Step 3:

Locate one of the longer sides of the sheet and slide your hands to each respective corner.

Step 4:

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Slip each hand one at a time under the elastic edges and into the above-mentioned corners.

Step 5:

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Using the pictures provided as a guide, the corner in your right hand will be referred to as corner “1” and the corner over top of your left hand is referred to as corner “2.” Bring corners 1 and 2 together in front of you.

Step 6:

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Fold corner 1 over top of corner 2.

Step 7:

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Notice that corner 1 and corner 2 now form one new corner, which will be referred to as corner “A.” Position this new corner over top of your right shoulder. The elastic edges should help the corner hug the shape of your shoulder.

Step 8:

While corner A rests on your right shoulder, look downward and notice that a portion of the fitted sheet is bunched up on the “outside” between the elastic edges.

Step 9:

From this material hanging “outside” between the elastic edges, obtain the two remaining corners, referred to as corner “3” and corner “4.”

Step 10:

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Fold corner 3 over top of corner 4, which together will form corner “B.”

Step 11:

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Use both hands to tuck this bunched up material into the “inside” of the sheet.

Tip: Following this step there should no longer be any bunched up fabric hanging “outside” between the elastic edges of the sheet.

Step 12:

Slide your left hand into the fitted sheet and relocate corner B.

Step 13:

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Keeping your left hand in place, use your right hand to remove corner A from your shoulder. Slide your right hand into corner A.

Step 14:

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With each hand tucked into its respective corner, hold the sheet in front of yourself so that the elastic edges are facing your body. Tuck corner A over top of corner B.

Step 15:

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1. Carefully lay the sheet on a flat surface,

such as a clean tabletop.

Tip: Notice that the current product resembles a rectangle, and that the elastic edges now form something of an “L” shape.

Step 16:

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Align the sheet so that all of the edges are straight and smooth out any wrinkles.

Step 17:

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Starting from one of the shorter sides of the rectangle, fold the sheet into thirds. Following this step you have your finished product.


Swansong (author)2017-03-20

Important to master before college :)

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