Like Star Wars 7? Learn here how to make the Origami Star Wars X-wing Starfighter! It can be a little tricky, but with a little practice anyone can do it! Watch the video above for the best instruction, and refer to the instructable for extra tips along the way!

Step 1: Fold in Half Both Ways, Then Fold in Both Diagonals

Line up the corners before creasing, that way you'll get a perfect fold every time. Once you've done this, unfold completely.

<p>I got a bit lost around step 10 because of confusion due to the origami terminology and photos...I don't think my paper x-wing turned out exactly right...but overall I think it was a nice little project.</p>
<p>Wow! really nice! </p><p>While searching for this, I also came across a resource with many other Star Wars Origami designs: <a href="http://www.starwarigami.co.uk/diagrams-by-others.html">http://www.starwarigami.co.uk/diagrams-by-others.h..</a></p>
<p>Just finished creating your awesome model! I used gold wrapping paper and it turned out pretty good.</p>
<p>this is hard</p>
<p>This X-wing is awesome. It's easier than the rest</p>
<p>oh my gosh, i love star wars. this is so cool!</p>
<p>x‬-wing attack wiredestroyer</p>
<p>Saw this origami while on vacation. Had to go buy paper just to make it. It's a very easy folding project and nice looking. I really like it. Thank you for posting it.</p>
Next time I'll make it from a3 or bigger. And won't take thickest paper I've found
great rebel ship
<p>Close enough :-)</p>
<p>It's AWESOME! My first one (I used packing paper for it, ) is a little chubby and ugly but I love it! Thank you so much!</p>
<p>Love it! I found some glittery paper so I did it with that. I meant to make it look like Poe's, but no such luck. Still, pretty proud! Thank you so much!</p>
<p>I made it awesome!</p>
Great squad!
<p>awesome!!! this is the best and the clearest tutorial i've ever seen!!!( and trust me, i've seen many others before, and i spent like... 1 hour trying to figure it out...) thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>
<p>This is such a clear tutorial, thank you so much! </p>
<p>Awesome! I made a fleet!</p>
<p>great instructions. thank you for the video! here is my first try</p>
<p>Yup, ugly... but fun! Good use of a conference call!</p>
<p>Well that's my first one... a little ugly</p>
<p>I'm no professional origami folder, but I made it nonetheless! (With a tidbit of frustration.) Thanks for the tutorial!</p>
<p>Thanks for sharing, really neat!</p>
Printer paper is not ideal for making these, it turns out :)
This is awesome
<p>Well, dang! A modified crane. I definitely need to do this.</p>
<p>I can do it...</p>
<p>I made it from stick notes) Ugly? But little!)</p>
<p>Cool !!! I want one</p>
So cool!
<p>freaking epic</p>
There is so much detail in this, it's amazing!

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