How to Fold the Perfect T-shirt to Save Space





Introduction: How to Fold the Perfect T-shirt to Save Space

Follow these basic instructions for help when folding T-shirts and short sleeve shirts.This is a quick and easy technique to keep your T-shirts and shorts sleeve shirts folded and organised properly inside drawers or on top of each other.

Step 1: This Is a Quick and Easy Guide to Folding Your Tshirt


  • Less crinkles / less creases
  • Method is easy to learn
  • Saves room for storage as T-shirts can be stacked neatly in the drawer or on top of each other
  • Use fabric softner to make sure the T-shirts have less creases.

Step 2: Play This Guide to Help You Fold the Perfect T-shirt


1.Place the T-shirt face down and spread the T-shirt on a at surface.

2.Fold the right-hand sleeve into the body about a third of the T-shirt to the centre point.

3.Fold the sleeve back to the fold Line on the right hand side.

4.In a similar fashion foldthe left sleeve into the body about a third of the T-shirt to half point so the two ends meet in the centre point.

5.Fold the sleeve back to thefold line on the left hand side.this creates an even triangle in the middle.

6.Fold the bottom of the T-shirt to the top of the T-shirt make sure the bottom him is ush with the collar line of the T-shirt, this creates a fold in the centre of the T-shirt.

7.To further save space fold the T-shirt again in half. this is ideal for saving storage space, Shelving & packing away in a suitcase or bag.

Step 3: Step by Step Instructions

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