How to Fold the World's Simplest Origami Bird





Introduction: How to Fold the World's Simplest Origami Bird

I had a number of messages saying people didn't "get" how the bird was folded.

What better time to show everybody?

Start with a square of paper, and copy the folds you see.

Yes, I know I pre-creased the paper, but if I didn't that took the video over 30s unless I sped it up.

I'm also a bit miffed with the end caption - the version I uploaded doesn't have the stray "m" (I wasn't expecting YouTube to mangle it like that).



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    Wow,that was to easy!!!!


    Hey Kiteman! I love making this I had a great time! I love this sooo much!


    Your welcome!

    me too. It was such a crucial step.

    (no sarcasm at all intended!)

    I made it and it came out really nice! Thx for sharing an awesome project!

    'then add the essential details'
    :) lol
    ur instructables are really good :)

    In the Origami world,this fold has a name and designer, Dorothy Engleman called it "Yellow Bird".   Yes, it is simple, and a great way to teach the inside reverse fold - or outside reverse, depending upon how you look at it.
    I like to teach it using square card stock that is actually recycled fliers.  When the bird is turned upside down, and placed on a flat surface, it looks like a sailboat.  Blow into the sail, and have races.

    Haha, that is exactly what my youngest did when I taught him this!

    Took me 3days to figure this out how is it so easy...

    Just kidding...