Introduction: How to Forehand Drive (table Tennis)

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The forehand drive is the most popular and the most important shot in table tennis so make sure you use it lots!

Step 1: How to Hold Your Bat.

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The position of your hand on the bat is crucial during a forehand drive or in fact, any shot. To start with, hold your bat by it's handle and put your thumb on the little flat bit on the handle. Next, using your index finger put the finger along the bottom of you rubber. You can use this grip during any shot

Step 2: Starting Position.

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To do your starting position you must put your bat down by your hip at an angle of about 45 degrees.

Step 3: Striking

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To strike you must (from your starting position) swing up to head height and then stop.

Step 4: Remember.

Remember to keep your bat angle the same, lean forward and bend your knees


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Nice tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

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