Step 4: Forge the Blade

Picture of Forge the Blade
You now need to forge the blade of the knife. Start by making it a bit more Square-ish. Just heat it to forging heat and hit it till its more a rectangle than a cirle in its cross section (i started with a round file) Once you've done that, start forging the tip. Get the steel in your pliers or tongs and hit the hot end till it gets compressed and looks sort of like the tip of a knife. This is basically a variant on the drawing-out i mentioned in the last step. We'll be grinding it later, so don't worry if the tip's still thich and heavy, all you want to do in this step is to get it started.
Forge the blade by heating it up, holding it at an angle to the anvil and hitting it to create a blade shape. jtobako's got a much better instructable on making the bevel. Once the shape of the knife is made, let it cool slowly, and i mean really slowly. Hang it in the air if you can, or put it on some sand. If you found the meaning in my appalling description and put it into practice, you should have something that looks like this.