Step 7: Polish and Test the Blade

Picture of Polish and Test the Blade
There's no eral need to polish the blade, it just makes it a bit shinier. If you're happy with the tempering colours, leave it, however, you DO need to test the blade. To test for cracks and toughness, clamp about 1/4 of the blade in a vise (pad the jaws of the vise with leather or cloth, or wood or something) and lean your weight on it. If it cracks, ot wasn't a good knife anyway and its a good thing you're rid of it. Go make another one. If it bends by a significant amount and flexes back to its original shape, you've succeeded. You now have a functional throwing knife, made to your own tastes and preferences.
But there's one more thing. You have a knife, but its time to have some fun. Got a shed? some cardboard boxes? irritating neighbours?
I think you know what to do.
Thanks for getting to the end of this, don't hesitate to ask me any questions. I know I could have been clearer on most of the points I made.
shmyt5 years ago
It would have been better to have it double edged IMHO, it looks awesomer that way.
cava0026 years ago
hahahahahaha LOL irritaiting neighbors