How to Format a Bootable USB Drive





Introduction: How to Format a Bootable USB Drive

After making a Bootable USB drive for installing Operating Systems like Ubuntu via Pen drive using softwares like PowerISO , when you format your pen drive using Windows or Ubuntu it will show about only 2 MB of memory in a 4 GB pen drive .

Follow the steps to format the pen drive properly and restore it back to its original condition.

Step 1: Formating Pen Drive Via DiskPart [ Windows]

Connect the pen drive which needs to be formatted to a system running Windows Operating System.


STEP 1 : open Run using the key combination ( Win key + R ).

STEP 2 : type cmd .To open Command Prompt.

STEP 3 : type diskpart . Run the Pop-up window that appears .

. This opens DiskPart.


STEP 4 : type list disk .

. This will list all the memory storage devices connected to the PC.


STEP 5 : type select disk 1 .

. Usually disk 1 if no other storage devices are connected .

. The number specifies the drive to be formatted.

. drive 0 will be your internal hard disk. Identify and select your disk correctly.


STEP 6 : type clean. This wipes data off your pen drive.

STEP 7 : type create partition primary . This will format the pen drive as FAT.

STEP 8 : now go to My Computer or This PC (as it is listed nowadays) .

Format the pen drive by Right clicking on it and selecting Format option.


This will restore back your pen drive to its usual condition.



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awesome it worked perfectly..thanks mate

It worked perfectly! Thanks a lot!

It works! Magic! :)

list disk is no longer on the list of choice when you type help

wow! This worked! thank thank thank you so mch ashinjohn! I had OS x bootable pendrive for MAC and this worked. I formatted it on windows 7. Thanks ton!


I have. you need to download the x86 or x64 version.

Good info, nice and simple. Thank you!