Introduction: How To: Frankenstein-Mod Your Bart Simpson Chia Pet

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I'm pretty obsessed with horror & macabre - despite my love of nature & gardening. So I took my brother's chia pet (that had been collecting dust) and made it into a little neato Bart Simpson/Frankenstein*. Kids love it when it's on display for Halloween; but I have it out year round, cause well... it's just too cool NOT to have out! First, you'll need:

- a Bart Simpson chia pet
- 2 1/4"-1/2" blunt screws
- liquid super glue
- silver sharpie ( you can use silver acrylic paint, I just found the sharpie convenient)
- wide sponge brush (for primer)
- 2 paint brushes - one for broad color, the other for detail
- acrylic paint (black, white, shades of green, and clear coat)

*I have NOT grown the chia plant in this - actually I've never grown a chia pet in general... So if you want to use this for the plant, I'd say use paints & glue that are safe for outside/weathering.

Step 1: Take Bart Out of the Box...

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It's gotta be dark in there. THIS is what it should look like. If it doesn't, then you might have the Scooby-Doo, or Sponge Bob Chia Pet.

Step 2: Prime!

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With your sponge brush, prime your Chia Pet. Pay close attention to the eyeballs - this is the only coat of white that will show thru.

Step 3: Paint!

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Because Bart is a cartoon (duh), his features are very defined. Although that allows for simplicity, painting define lines is kind of frustrating. I started out outlining his eyeballs, and painting the pupils. When you paint his skin tone, don't be afraid of adding high/low tones, and extra shadows. I gave him a black t-shirt, and a crack in his skull.

For the screws on the neck:
I painted them black, save for the blunt ends. Then I took the silver sharpie & colored it all save for the deep threading & driving point. A drop of superglue, and a few minutes of holding in place (repeat for other side of neck) & Bart is ready for a clear coat!

Step 4: Clear Coat!

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Smother a clear coat on your macabre little trouble-maker! Let dry... & you're DONE!

Hope you all enjoy!  :D


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