How to French Braid Someone Else's Hair





Introduction: How to French Braid Someone Else's Hair

French braids typically work better for hair that is long without many layers however they layers can be pinned back with bobby pins and clips. This technique will work with wet or dry hair. Straight hair will be easier to braid however curly hair can be braided. For beginner braiders, you may want to make sure you have extra time set aside incase you have mishaps.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You will need a brush or comb (in the demonstration we used a brush, however a comb works just the same), elastic hair ties (one will suffice), bobby pins or clips, optional items are accessories such as headbands and hairspray.

Step 2: Brush Out Hair

You can use a brush or comb of your choice, the hair needs to be free of knots and tangles (smooth enough to run fingers through)

Step 3: Take the Top Section of Hair

This will be the top section of hair (see picture for clarification)

Step 4: Divide This Top Section Into 3 Strands.

This should be a left, middle, and right strand

Step 5: Beginning of the Braid

Cross the far right section over the middle section. Then cross the far left section over the new middle. Make sure to keep the hair pulled tight.

Step 6: Adding Hair Into Your French Braid

Before repeating this crossing action again--on the right side, gather a small amount of hair from the right side and add it to the right section. Now cross this larger portion (the portion that you added hair to) over the middle section (repeat this action on the left side).

Step 7: Repeat Step 6 Until All Additional Hair Is Gathered Into the Braid.

Step 8: Braid the Rest of the Hair As a Regular Style Braid

This will just be right section over middle and then left over middle (repeated)

Step 9: Secure With Hair Tie

Once you reach the bottom of the braid, secure with a hair tie.

Step 10: Pin Back Hair/Accessorize

Pin back loose strands with a bobby pin or clip and add accessories of your choice if desired.

Step 11: Spray With Hair Spray

Spray hair at the top or where strands may become loose.



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I didn't see the step where you ask the "someone else" for permission to braid their hair.

Don't be absurd, TomV4.

This instruction set does well to keep the end user in mind. Should you need to be explicitly told to ask permission to touch someone else's hair, you've got way bigger problems than figuring out how to execute a proper French braid. The argument lacks substance and logic. So stop trolling - it's simply not very nice.

Relax, Angela.

This site frequently posts pranks and weapon making and all sorts of eyebrow raising things. How can one be sure this Instructable isn't advocating drive-by French braiding on unsuspecting people?

Plus, April 1st is upon us.

Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I need to learn how to style my daughter's hair before she starts school.