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Ahh, the French Kiss...The timeless symbol of romantic passion that we all have seen two people engaging in, one way or another. We see it in movies, hear about it from friends, see it happening at parties, and read about it in books and magazines. Chances are, if you haven't experienced it, you want to. It is an exciting and intimate moment between two people who are attracted enough to each other to kiss. French kissing can come quite naturally to some of us, and can intimidate the rest.

If you are interested in French kissing, I also highly recommend the Intructables on the site How to Kiss and How to Make Out. Both are very informative and helpful to those curious about kissing and hit all the topics that should be addressed. Not sure how to kiss? Well, French kissing shares many of the same principles as normal kissing and making out as far as technique, but if you are interested in gaging body language or how to work up to a French kiss, take a look around.

In this Instructable, I aim to focus on the French Kiss alone. The French kiss is not a science, but rather an art that is open to interpretation for all who are interested. There is a certain amount of skill involved, but it is mostly instinct that will come naturally with time. By creating this Instructable, I hope to help you be a confident, compassionate, French kisser and alleviate your nervousness about kissing.
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Heroes32129 days ago
What happens if you mess up I'm only 13 and my boyfriend wants to French kiss and I'm a very nervous person and if I mess up he will probably break up with me?
I am only 13 too and my boyfriend and I have French kissed many times!! It's easy just keep it relaxed don't make it like a board and have fun with it.
i was the same and im inly 13 to once u do it for the first time u get used to it and u get better at it me and my boyfriend started a few days ago we had been dating for 11 months and he wanted to but i was scared and nervous for the exact same reason but it gets better one u do it for the first time
I doubt he will break up with you. He might take like a day to cool off but thats the worst that could happen
I don't think he will brake up with you. Nothing is perfect. If you guys have a good relationship, maybe you guys will laugh about it. Hope this helps!
There's no such thing as a normal age to have kissed someone, so don't think I'm to young, but my first normal kiss was at 6, but my first French kiss was at 9, and my sister who will soon be 10 hasn't missed anyone
harold200011 days ago
Alright, I have been dating my girlfriend for three months and fourteen days now, and we are kissing on a regular basis. I feel like I am ready to take this step and take our relationship to the next level, and I feel like she is sending off vibes that she is ready too. The only problem is that I don't know how to go about taking this major step. Any suggestions?
I first kissed when i was 10 and now im 12
Kenziek138014 days ago
All these 12 year olds already kissed someone and I haven't even had a bf ? like bishh whet
chelsea20318 days ago
Hey im 13 and I had my first kiss with my 14 year old bf. We frenched for a long time. It was really intense. He wants to make out again. So do I. Theres nothing wrong with kissing someone you love
lol im onle 12 and iv already snogged 2 boys xD
im not even that popular!
its weird cuz the most popular cutest boy in my year loves me like
and we go out xD
everyone is so jealous C;
im so lucky.
hopefully im gonna french kiss him like this tomoz
wish me luck!! :D lol
p.s. dont say im too young
SWEET! i snogged a girl >.<
idek what snagged means x3
;A; im 13 and i never kissed a guy..
you'll kiss a guy someday
I know what you mean. I'm 16 and I've never had a first kiss either. Or a boyfriend.
I'm 17 I've had boyfriends but not a first kiss ???
i am 13 years. lets know each other and i am a lovely boy.
i am 12 and i have snogged bout 10 guys and they were all hot a popular

ps don't be afraid if you have never snogged and the boy has don't be scard i am telling u from experience but other way round
You and paramore rocket are both too young haha.

I had first g/f and first kiss which escalated into first everything, starting when i was 18.

(Yes i know i am late. Regardless, 12 is too young. Dont you have to go through puberty first?)
I agree smeeves
Umm I got my period at 12. Lol dontya think that's puberty enough? xD
I hope you get to kiss him... lol good luck :)
hahaha. your too young ! and why you sitting on heree braggin ? lmao
Hi u too young,
JanaF1 month ago

wen the cutest boy at skool loves and u cant say anything

he said that he likes me but i did not know wat to say

i want to kiss him so badly wish me luch on dat one

good luck, and may the odds be in your favor!
JanaF JanaF1 month ago


Mr-lonely JanaF1 month ago
Good luck ??
Okay I'm 14 and I've already kissed m boyfreind but he wants to French... Idk what to do. This helps but what if I mess it up?
oh girly I know how you feel. but take it slow, Hon. French kissing may seem interesting, but be safe.
Just take it easy girl!! And also, you might be ready for sex if you are ready for the French kiss, all you have to do it ask. Can we have sex??? Take advice from this 34 year old woman
My tooth is a bit out of the other teeth do you think that will stop or wont be good to french kiss is it going to interupt it or no?
Is it okay to ask your male bi friend to help you practice. I mean im bi too. but we're only friends. can I ask him or is that wrong?
If he agrees i dont see no reason to be wrong

it's perfectly normal! practice never hurt anyone right? But make sure to approach the subject lightly, i find that helps.

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