Ahh, the French kiss . . . a timeless expression of romantic passion that we have all seen others engage in. We see it in movies, hear friends (or the people they are dating) wax anxious about their technique, catch glimpses at parties, and read tips in books and magazines. A French kiss is an exciting and intimate moment between two people who are attracted to one another, and a symbol of that passion. Chances are, boy or girl, if you haven't yet experienced a French kiss, your lips long to.

Not sure how to kiss? Well, French kissing shares many of the same principles and techniques as normal kissing and making out, so be sure to also check out the Instructables How to Kiss and How to Make Out. Both are very informative and helpful to those curious about kissing, and both touch on all the topics that should be addressed. But if you are just interested in learning about French kissing and you want to know how to gage body language and work up to kissing that involves the tongue, then you’re in the right place! In this Instructable I will focus on the French kiss alone.

The French kiss is not a science, it is an art that is open to the interpretation of all who partake. It comes naturally to some of us but is intimidating to others, and while there is a certain amount of skill involved, it is mostly instinct that will develop naturally with time.

By creating this Instructable, I hope to help you become a confident, compassionate, French kisser and to alleviate your nervousness about kissing — and possibly to improve your experience! All I ask is that you try to be safe by making sure you are healthy before you start kissing. Your partner won’t appreciate it if you get them sick.

Don’t be left with just a peck on the cheek. Read on to learn how to be forward and go for it!

Step 1: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

There are some standards of things that are fairly constant across the board that I will go in to depth about. The definition of a French kiss, as defined by wikipedia, is "a passionate romantic or sexual kiss in which one participant's tongue touches the other's tongue (or lips) and usually enters his/her mouth." Well, I think we all knew that much, so I hope to be able to teach how to French kiss well. We have all heard horror stories about "bad kissers" and obviously do not want to be labeled as such. Read on to find some "Do's" and "Don'ts" of French kissing.

Step 2: Preparation - Have Fresh Breath

Having bad breath is a major turn off for many partners out there. Having good breath is something you should want to have around people in general. It is especially important for a French kiss as you will be exchanging saliva with your partner. Try to not to eat smelly things before a kiss such as garlic or onions. Gum and mints help, but can only do so much. In the event of having smelly food, or in the event of having food that leaves a residue in your mouth, it is best to brush your teeth if you can. If you can't bush your teeth, try drinking lots of water to clean out your mouth. Then try mints/gum.

This is not necessary for all partners, but until you know your partner's kissing preferences, it is a good thing to take into consideration as most people enjoy the clean palate so that they can focus on the kiss itself.

Step 3: Have Soft, moist lips

Chapstick is something that guys and gals alike can carry on them and use often. Soft lips are enticing where as dry lips are quite the opposite. Would you want to kiss someone with cracked, chapped lips or soft, smooth lips? I thought so. :P

This is something very easy to do! Just carry around a tube with you and apply as need. Voila! Instant kissable lips. Also, keep in mind that most lipsticks can be very sticky and unpleasant to transfer via kiss. They look pretty, yes, but be sure if you want to use lipstick or gloss, that it will not hinder the kiss. Sometimes flavored lip gloss can be fun. ;)


Step 4: Find Someone to Kiss

Hopefully you have someone in mind before this point, but if it is a spur of the moment urge, find yourself someone you would like to kiss. Make sure they want to be kissed as well, otherwise, the kiss may very well end unpleasantly. You can generally tell if someone wants to be kissed by their body language. If they are willing to be very close to you and touch you, if they have steady eye contact, and if they have been flirting, it is a good bet that they want to be kissed.

Be confident

I know that this may be a little tricky at this point, but it's very important. By the time you're done here, confidence should not be an issue. Confidence is important because it shows your partner that you want to kiss them and have no doubt. It helps them relax too.

Step 5: Start off Slowly

Lean in closely to your partner and look into their eyes. If they want to be kissed, kiss them. Tilt your head slightly to the side so that your noses do not bump. Keep eye contact with them until your lips touch, at which point you should close your eyes. It is generally considered rude to kiss with your eyes open and can ruin the intimacy of the moment.

Let your lips softly touch and pull away from each other in a kiss. Pause for a moment and gage how the other person is enjoying this kiss. You can pull away slightly to look into their eyes. If they liked your kiss, try another one on them. Maybe let this one last a moment longer or kiss them a couple times. Make sure your kisses are soft.

Step 6: How to know when to transition your kiss to a French kiss

There isn't going to be a moment at which you will want to stop and ask for permission, "Hey, mind if we swap saliva?" So, you will need to test the waters to see if your partner wants to be kissed. When you have decided you want to French kiss, start kissing your partner with a slight open mouth, but keep your tongue inside. This lets your partner know that your mouth is open and that you are up for French kissing. Continue kissing with an open mouth and then, very slightly, touch your partner's lips with your tongue. If they respond negatively, stop. If they don't respond, then be patient. They might not be ready yet. If your partner mirrors your actions by opening their mouth, then they are ready to move on.

Step 7: An open mouth kiss

By now, you and your partner are probably both gingerly touching each other with your tongues. If you are both comfortable, feel free to explore each other's mouths with your tongues. Keep in mind that it's always better to do a little bit at a time to get a feel for it. Remember to occasionally pull your tongue into your own mouth so you do not bombard your partner. Small, exploring French kisses are what you want for the moment.

Swallow your saliva. French kisses are bound to get a little messy, but control it as much as you can by swallowing your saliva. If you can't do this while kissing, do it when you are giving your partner a short break from the French kiss. This should be a short, momentary break and you should continue to be engaged with your hands.

Continue exploring each other's mouths. Keep a soft tongue. For most people, it is a major turn off to feel a ridged tongue in their mouth. It isn't welcoming or sensual in any way. Remember that your tongue is one of the most sensitive parts on your body and should be kissed as such. Think of licking ice cream from a soft-serve cone. You don't want a lot of pressure. Just enough to lick a small layer of ice cream off. That is the same thing to think about when kissing.

Step 8: Remember your hands

When kissing, it is very important to remember your hands in relation to your partner's body. When you begin kissing, keep your hands gently touching your partner. Try gingerly stroking their cheek or running your fingers through their hair.

As the kiss progresses, so may your hands. Try running your hand down their back while one hand plays with their hair. Or just embrace them gently. You will find what you are most comfortable with. The important thing is to remember not to let your arms just hang there! Let your hands mirror what your mouth is up to.

Step 9: Remember your partner!

Remember that not everybody likes to be kissed the same way and be mindful of that. Be open to trying new things for your partner and be willing to kiss them differently if that is what they like. You want this experience to be optimum for both parties. :)

Make sure to be a good partner. The best kissers are those who figure out how their partner likes to be kissed. I have given the best guidelines that follow how most people like to be kissed, but remember to be considerate if your partner wants to try something different.

If your partner is not happy, neither will you be eventually because they will not want to kiss you anymore! Although it may seem awkward, talk to your partner at a later time and ask them how they like to be kissed the best and take it into consideration.

Step 10: Practice makes perfect!

Don't have anyone to try this with quite yet? No problem, you can still practice. Remember how we talked about the soft-serve ice cream cone? Try one out with kissing in mind. Remember how your tongue feels in that way.

Don't be embarrassed to practice on yourself! Well, you don't have to tell anyone if you don't want to, but practicing on yourself is a great way to start. Trying kissing your hand and follow the technique.

Everybody will develop their own "art" to French kissing, so just give it time! The more you do it, the better you'll get! Thankfully, it's fun to practice!

Now go out there and grab yourself somebody to kiss! Have fun and be safe!

This was my first Instructable and if you enjoyed it let me know! I would love to get some feed back. :)

Last year i was crazy about a guy in school and finally he likes me. So this year we kissed and tbh it was really good . He would always text me and send me little love qoutes every day and he would always say that he loved me. But the worst part was he was in my cousins class and my cousin would tell my mom so i could never go out with him. Only last week i found out that he didnt like me anymore and i was heartbroken. Yesterday he asked me would i meet him and i havent replied back what should i do??
<p>hey man ill be 15 in march and im a guy just dont rush it me and her were cuddling i asked here what she would do if i kissed her she said i dont know lets find out so then i was happy it happened last night too and me and her are like best friend and last night was when i had my first kiss so yeah let it just happen dont rush it you'll find the one bro</p>
I'm 14 about to be 15 on July 30 of this yr I'm &quot;popular&quot; or cool or whatever people say but I still have not kissed a girl I still have trouble talking to a girl any suggestions?????
<p>Hey, don't worry about it! My current boyfriend and I had our first kiss when I was 14 and he was 15 (almost 16).</p><p>Don't hurry yourself to kiss someone or even get in a relationship for that matter. The right person will definitely come along and they'll be worth the wait (trust me, I know from experience)</p>
Talk to a girl make sure she likes you and if you like her back just simply ask her out
How can you be &quot;popular&quot; and you dont know how to talk to girls... Lol :p
Hey man i know exactly how u feel ... Just be confident thats all
Just be your self and if a girl likes that then flirt a little. Get to knkw her and if you like her you could tell her in peraon,messaging,facebook or in a written note. Sometimes girls think its cute when a guy is shy. Just be yourself and you should be fine. :)
Ok so a bunch of adults will probably be like don't worry it will be all natural and stuff like that but being a girl around your age all I can say is I find it slit more attractive when a guy come over and say hi or something. Just one major tip if a girl asks you wuu2 or Wyd answer then ask her back ? seems obvious but so many guys don't do that and the conversations just get boring for the girl
Hey I am a 12 year old kid. I already had my first kiss and I wanted to french kiss her. I was wondering should I do it or should I wait. I really wanted her to tell her that she loved me in person but I only get text messages. What I mean by that
<p>Tbh at 12 I wouldn't be too fussed about French kissing. Just take your time.</p><p>Also if you want her to say that she loves you in person, try saying it first. She'll probably say it back :)</p>
<p>girls love it when you run your fingers lightly thought their hair, and do not grab her ass. We don't like that, but hold where her ribs are we think it's sexy and like it.</p>
Yo I'm 13 just try taking it easy the first time and let your girlfriend ajust to how you kiss and you ajust to how she kisses
Hey am 12 and I just had my first kiss and it was a peck. The next day my boyfriend said he wanted me to give him a French kiss him but I am nervous and scared
<p>If you don't want to French kiss him, then don't. If he forces you then he clearly doesn't respect your boundaries and you should probably have a serious discussion with him or leave him altogether. Only do what you're comfortable with doing</p>
So I want to French kiss my girlfriend but I haven't asked her yet so when we go on our next private date should I ask her if we could French kiss or should I do it cause I am worried that if we just do it she won't French kiss me<br>
<p>Definitely ask her! If you feel comfortable enough to ask, then you're probably ready. Make sure she's comfortable with it too. Have fun</p>
I'm 13 and I want to French kiss but I am so nervous about it, I feel like I will mess up, does anyone have any tips that will help me?
<p>My advice, in all honesty, is just don't rush it. Build up to it with your partner and make sure you discuss it before you just stick your tongue in their mouth. If you find it too awkward to discuss, you should probably wait.</p><p>Also, I find it's something that just comes naturally. You figure it out as you go along and no one can really teach you, but make sure you're gentle. Good luck :)</p>
Honestly the main things for me to have an amazing kiss is <br>1. Grab my waist and pull me slowly to you<br>2. Look at my eyes then my lips and bite your lip<br>4. Rub your hand on my face<br>5. Kiss me slowly
<p>hands on the arse always works too</p>
<p>Honesty, a lot of girls don't like that. Instead grab where her ribs are. It'll turn us on..</p>
<p>My first kiss was behind a toolshed SOOO romantic</p>
ok my boyfriend wants me to kiss him and i do! its just that ...well i have never kiss someone before and im kinda of nervous :/ any help on wat to do???
Don't be nervous! Here's a good thing to know: First kisses are ALWAYS awkward. That perfect romantic-comedy movie kiss never happens. So just keep positive, and you'll get better. If he's a good guy, he'll still like you. And if he doesn't, dump him!
<p>not if its a random at a disco ;)</p>
To start off, tell him you love him. Now for the kissing part. When you guys are going to kiss be sure you two are in an environment that you guys feel comfortable in. It is also best if you guys are in a private area because you guys wouldn't want it feelin' akward for both of you. When goin in for the kiss, just STAY RELAXED and close your eyes and thank god for this wonderful moment. Its also best for you guys to take the kiss nice and slow, just make sure its a kiss you two will remember forever. (I know this is kinda late but i hope this advice will help you in the future) Good Luck ;)
Good points ... the setting is very important and you could know how to kiss well but for any sort of kissing ... especially a first kiss between two people it's good to be somewhere where you can relax, take your time, and not be in a big hurry. I would also add that it's good to start slow and build up the kissing so you start getting close, hugging, maybe a quick peck on the lips and then build to more passionate kisses. There is also good information at <a href="http://www.kissing.bz">http://www.kissing.bz</a>&nbsp; Enjoy your kissing!
just get in there girlfrieeennnddddd, the tounge and everything, maybe get him to slip the finger
<p>anyone on this site who still hasn't kissed or French kissed go to a disco and kiss randoms that's what I did and I got like 10 shifts from randoms on the night (shift is what irish people say)</p>
My first kiss is going to be a French kiss with my girlfreind on Tuesday and I'm 11 years old
Bro you my homie make sure you go slow tho don't go right in the French kissing
Good luck :3
WOW dat lewks sow ROMANTIC<3 but dat soo dont happen knoe more itz more like kissin in tha hallwayz when yu pazz em' tew go tew yur next clazz (not exactly wat i consider romantic)
It's called Derp Language, people... xD :3
<p>Pardon me, but I believe that there's a book that would help you out. It's called the dictionary. One can find it in most libraries.</p>
<p>lol this kid must not know english</p>
<p>thank you so much i really needed this!!!!!!!</p>
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Well try not to laugh...but I'm a 62 yr old Great Grandmother so needless to say, I've got a whole lot of kissing under my belt! That didn't come out right...sorry. I've read every comment and have a few of my own. Most of you are still very young and are way too young to be so concerned about kissing to begin with...but I understand, you are curiosus and probably very anxious to be 'all grown up', so naturally you want to act grown up too.<br><br>In a matter of just a few years you WILL be grown up and there's no turning back, then, within another few yrs you'll be dreaming of the good old days when you were a kid! Don't believe me? Well, imagine waking up every day for the next 50 plus years to a job you have to keep and a half dozen credit cards and a house to pay off, Rent, utilities, a mate to consider, Medical bills, car payments and car repair bills, and children of your own who want to be and try to be 'all grown up'. And trust me, that was the SHORT list!<br><br>Take your time, enjoy your youth while you have it.. FRENCH kissing almost always leads to more intimate behavior you may not be ready for but engage in anyway because you want to be popular, or your girl/boyfriend will 'leave you' if you don't etc. Remember, boys have been dreaming of 'sex' since they were about 7...and your 'kisses' stir up feelings in him that he won't know what to do with, so it's really not fair to him to get him all worked up just to send him away wanting. And guys...girls have been dreaming of 'Being in love and being loved' since they were about 7.... it is likewise unfair to them to tell them you love them if you don't...and at your age, trust me, you don't! Look around, ask questions...how many people can you find who were 'in love' at 12 or 13 and are now 40 and still together.?. because that is love! Being in it for the long haul. I know I know...you probably stopped reading after the first few sentences and a good laugh at the OLD Lady...and I think at your age I would have too. But I hope that's not the case, because believe it or not...I really do care about you.
<p>Comme vous avez raison.... que la vie passe vite.</p>
Its true that we boys ask for sex and you girls ask for love, but then ofcourse both of them (sex and love) fall under the same category which is emotion, so remember that we are simply satisfying one another and there's nothing wrong about its... As long as you know your lLIMITS.
Lol :p that's some true shit ?
Of course much of what you say is correct, but ''as long as you know your limis'', well...therein lies the rub. Although teen pregnancies have gone down over the past ten years, there are still far too many...an indicator that a very many do NOT know their limits..get caught up in the moment, or rely on birth control which at best is only 99% effective..that other 1% could occur the FIRST time. Satisfying one another in ways that can not result in pregnancy is best of course, yet even that can be probmatic...teens have the highest growing rate of gonorrhoea of the throat..(thank you President Clinton, for saying oral sex is NOT sex)...it is. In fact anything that results in orgasm can be considered sex.<br>My advise was based on experience and the wisdom that comes with age...as well as a genuine concern for your futures and well being... take it or leave it. That's fine too.
U are very wise thank u for ur advice I wish I would have had it b4 I went to touge with my bf
Susan, I replied to your comment, but I entered it as a new comment in error... thank you for your words..they are much appreciated. Please read my latest comment to see my reply to you.<br>:-)
Im a sad kinda human, I read all of that and I may only be 15 but I completely agree with you, when I read that I was like woah eye opener, I just finished my yr ten exams and now am awaiting yr eleven, but I am so much more mature than I was expecting when I was 13 and this time does fly by, I know im banging on but I agree with your entire point so much because I had to grow up fast when my mum got ill, ive never &quot;fallen in love&quot; and now I have and i wanna do it right, but what you said made me realise that if I mess up its not the end of the world and i can carry on living, thankyou so much xxx
Thank you Hunnybee22 (adorable name):-)<br>It's true, life goes on in spite of the mistakes we make...I'm proof. I gave birth to my first son just a few months after my 16th birthday. If I had it to do over...for HIS sake, I would have waited until I was mature. <br>One thing I hear young people say again and again is, (and yes, I said it myself)...'' I want to make my OWN mistakes!'' Take the words ''my own'' out of it and what you are left saying is ''I want to make mistakes!''<br>....it's an absurd statement when you think about it...when the real trick...the mature trick is...NOT to make mistakes to begin with. Those who follow that path are the happy people later in life. There can be no greater satisfaction than to live a life of no regret... the feeling of ''guilt'' is the hardest feeling to live with...it leads to most suicides.. it robs us of our ''JOY''.<br>So, again I urge you..take the experiences of those who have gone before you...learn from THEIR mistakes, choose a better course for you.. and Bee happy!
<p>Don't Do Things Your Way, God Knows The Right One For you... Its already happening to those who have been saved &quot;but don't act in religion but as a relationship with Jesus&quot; so erase that from your heart ... (its excuses to not to accept Jesus into our heart) </p>