Ahh, the French Kiss...The timeless symbol of romantic passion that we all have seen two people engaging in, one way or another. We see it in movies, hear about it from friends, see it happening at parties, and read about it in books and magazines. Chances are, if you haven't experienced it, you want to. It is an exciting and intimate moment between two people who are attracted enough to each other to kiss. French kissing can come quite naturally to some of us, and can intimidate the rest.

If you are interested in French kissing, I also highly recommend the Intructables on the site How to Kiss and How to Make Out. Both are very informative and helpful to those curious about kissing and hit all the topics that should be addressed. Not sure how to kiss? Well, French kissing shares many of the same principles as normal kissing and making out as far as technique, but if you are interested in gaging body language or how to work up to a French kiss, take a look around.

In this Instructable, I aim to focus on the French Kiss alone. The French kiss is not a science, but rather an art that is open to interpretation for all who are interested. There is a certain amount of skill involved, but it is mostly instinct that will come naturally with time. By creating this Instructable, I hope to help you be a confident, compassionate, French kisser and alleviate your nervousness about kissing.
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Don't worry. You aren't young. And this is coming from a 15 y.o.
jojo96141 year ago
I'm 17 and I've never kissed a guy or even had a boyfriend for that matter...
rapt0r301 year ago
i first french kissed when i was in grade 2 and it's my favorite now so to all those people who don't use this style you should try it!
maz^_^6 years ago
ooh mii lipz look juzt like dat
i muzt have gewd lips
atleast datz wat iv been told
_ :) ;)
You need to kiss a dictionary
you need to learn to spell.
you funny man
that make me laugh
joceyruiz982 years ago
I'm 15 and I want to know how to kiss. I'm not bothered by the fact that I have never kissed a guy, but I just want to know how to so that my first time isn't a sloppy mess haha. I'm the only girl in my house and out of my friends who hasn't kissed a guy yet. (I don't want to do it out of pressure btw) I need help :3
leah_babee2 years ago
ok so well im 11 years old and like i still havent kissed anyone yet:/ most of my friends have already kissed, even french kissed and i dont just wanna kiss some random guy... plus at my school theres not a lot of cute guys besides 8th graders and ohmygawd is this one guy cute:]
hey im 13 and i kissed a boy well made out with a boy befor it was with this realy hot guy last summer who was my ex boyfriends cuz we broke up 2 year befor thoe, but i dont think i did very god but maby be cauze he wanted me to spen the night with him and a fer other guys and i would of but my mom woulnt let me i was camping in my yard w 2 other friends and there were 3 guys we told them wee might smeak out and hag later if they come get us or txt summer eva!
epicfail!2 years ago
16 and never kissed a bloke or a chick XD
brek3 years ago
i'm sixteen and my first kiss was a week before my 16th b-day the boy who kissed me was someone who i really liked and have a lot of feelings for its best to wait until you're ready...I was nervous but he made me comfortable by asking me to let him into my space and kiss my cheek and when he gradually kissed me until we kissed on the mouth it was something that made me very comfortable with him.Don't do anything you aren't sure about it took me three weeks to let him kiss me.
Ms.Packers brek3 years ago
I am 11 turing 12 and my first kiss was when i was 10 and just this year i had a french kiss with the boy and love and crush of my life he is like the best person in my life and i am noly 11 he is soo nice and its not the scarey we frist did it in front of everyone in our school and we wernt scared and being in 6th grade is hard but i can alwasy count on my boyfriend for being there and my parents dont even know i am dating someone let alone have french kissed!!!
me to ^.^ but i just turned 11 this year but my first kiss was wen i was 10 in 4th grade
hey this is you father. who is this boy your dating. iwill destroy him if he touches you on anyway shape or form.
Slow ya roll. You shouldnt even be on the internet let alone kissing. SLOW DOWN!
Heeey everyone,

Last night I went to a grade 9-12 dance, Im in grade 9, ive never gone out with anyone as such and ive never kissed anyone.

2 of my friends have gone out with people and kissed. last night they kept kissing random guys who they dont even know the name of within 10 seconds. Then all at once 3 of my friends were making out and i mean making out! there was lots of tongue and it lasted at least 25 seconds.

I feel like all my friends are growing up faster than me because a few boys asked me if I would like to dance, i said yes and then he started leaning in for the kiss, and i turned around and pretty much RAN out the door, i feel really embarrassed but I havent had my first kiss yet... I guesss what Im trying to ask is, I should just wait for a nice guy right... rather than just kissing a random to fit in??

And if that guy that tried to kiss me just happens to be reading this I'm Sooooooo sorry, im REALLY embarrassed x 10 000!!!

Thankyou for listening to me blab on :)
damnnnn broo i had my first kiss in like 4th grade ^.^
im 5th now and i have french kissed a boy b4 and it was more then once,and it isnt scary at all just go with the flow,and a simple kiss its the same go with the flow :)
Aw, your still young. I didnt have my first real kiss until I was 17. Dont rush it. Take you time and when the time is right youll know. To be nervous is okay.
thankyou! I feel much better now :) I'll just be a kid for as long as I can :)

mahi132 years ago
hey i m juxt 16 but i ve kissed once :D
but after sme while i stated badd i felt likee k i shouldnt have done smething lyk dis :(
lalaluppsy3 years ago
Okayy im 12 and i never kissed a guy like french kiss but i have kissed a guy like a peeck how can i actually have a guy look at meeh and ask me out so i can french kiss? plz answer something?!
At 12 years old most guys dont french kiss. they just "make out" or peek. when you make out at 12 its like kissing over and over but never leaving the persons lips it doesnt . if your guy is old than he'll guide you in a way.
okay i just really messed that up a little. heres what i ment to say "At 12 years old most guys dont french kiss. they just "make out" or peek. when you make out at 12 its like kissing over and over but never leaving the persons lips, its not as scary as french kissing.if your guy is old than he'll guide you in a way."
well im only 15 and i always use this technique.
reverse siychology or how eva u spell it anyway i flirt with the guy for about a week then i stop nd start flirting with another guy. thats always how i findout if they like me nd if they come running bak then u rapp them around ur finger until they ask u out

have fun xx <3
Slow down, and wait for the right moment. You're still too young. Enjoy your childhood.
SupremeAT2 years ago
I have the urge now to write an instructable for overall kissing dating etc. because I probably have made out and kissed quite few times and I have away with relationships an such. the funny part is....I'm only 14 :D But keep trying.
latifah172 years ago
I am 17 and i never kiss a boy b4
sswanzy3 years ago
am 18 and have never ever kissed a gal !
You are now my IDOL!
meowcat sswanzy3 years ago

what the f***
i wasnt expecting to see this today
I am 13 an haven't had my first kiss yet. There is one boy who knows I haven't and he said he can make it different, but I am really nervous as I don't know how to do it :S Please help.
same here
hey.. im Palesa im also 13 turning 14 soon.. i havent done it yet but i have had so so so many chances to .. but i want it 2 be special but im nervous.. so have u done it yet
If you're that nervous about it, you probably aren't ready yet.. take your time and stop stressing. It's supposed to be fun. and if you're worried, then it won't be!
Its ok im only 11 and I've had my first kiss its not hard and not embarrassing that u haven't had it yet. you really dont pucker u just touch lips the first time.
xPandalovex3 years ago
so im not sure what snogged is..but! im like 13 and i have kissed plenty of guys. im not to young in my book. i have kissed them on the mouth, cheek and french kissed. some have been very akward, slimy, bad, and rarely awesome. but according to these guys my lips are so soft they are mushy. ;o
your lips are never mushy i havent kissed a guy well like french kiss!
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