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Ahh, the French kiss . . . a timeless expression of romantic passion that we have all seen others engage in. We see it in movies, hear friends (or the people they are dating) wax anxious about their technique, catch glimpses at parties, and read tips in books and magazines. A French kiss is an exciting and intimate moment between two people who are attracted to one another, and a symbol of that passion. Chances are, boy or girl, if you haven't yet experienced a French kiss, your lips long to.

Not sure how to kiss? Well, French kissing shares many of the same principles and techniques as normal kissing and making out, so be sure to also check out the Instructables How to Kiss and How to Make Out. Both are very informative and helpful to those curious about kissing, and both touch on all the topics that should be addressed. But if you are just interested in learning about French kissing and you want to know how to gage body language and work up to kissing that involves the tongue, then you’re in the right place! In this Instructable I will focus on the French kiss alone.

The French kiss is not a science, it is an art that is open to the interpretation of all who partake. It comes naturally to some of us but is intimidating to others, and while there is a certain amount of skill involved, it is mostly instinct that will develop naturally with time.

By creating this Instructable, I hope to help you become a confident, compassionate, French kisser and to alleviate your nervousness about kissing — and possibly to improve your experience! All I ask is that you try to be safe by making sure you are healthy before you start kissing. Your partner won’t appreciate it if you get them sick.

Don’t be left with just a peck on the cheek. Read on to learn how to be forward and go for it!

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There's no such thing as a normal age to have kissed someone, so don't think I'm to young, but my first normal kiss was at 6, but my first French kiss was at 9, and my sister who will soon be 10 hasn't missed anyone
someone181232 months ago
I first kissed when i was 10 and now im 12
chelsea2032 months ago
Hey im 13 and I had my first kiss with my 14 year old bf. We frenched for a long time. It was really intense. He wants to make out again. So do I. Theres nothing wrong with kissing someone you love
lol im onle 12 and iv already snogged 2 boys xD
im not even that popular!
its weird cuz the most popular cutest boy in my year loves me like
and we go out xD
everyone is so jealous C;
im so lucky.
hopefully im gonna french kiss him like this tomoz
wish me luck!! :D lol
p.s. dont say im too young
SWEET! i snogged a girl >.<
idek what snagged means x3
;A; im 13 and i never kissed a guy..
you'll kiss a guy someday
I know what you mean. I'm 16 and I've never had a first kiss either. Or a boyfriend.
I'm 17 I've had boyfriends but not a first kiss ???
i am 13 years. lets know each other and i am a lovely boy.
i am 12 and i have snogged bout 10 guys and they were all hot a popular

ps don't be afraid if you have never snogged and the boy has don't be scard i am telling u from experience but other way round
You and paramore rocket are both too young haha.

I had first g/f and first kiss which escalated into first everything, starting when i was 18.

(Yes i know i am late. Regardless, 12 is too young. Dont you have to go through puberty first?)
I agree smeeves
Umm I got my period at 12. Lol dontya think that's puberty enough? xD
I hope you get to kiss him... lol good luck :)
hahaha. your too young ! and why you sitting on heree braggin ? lmao
Hi u too young,
JanaF4 months ago

wen the cutest boy at skool loves and u cant say anything

he said that he likes me but i did not know wat to say

i want to kiss him so badly wish me luch on dat one

good luck, and may the odds be in your favor!
JanaF JanaF4 months ago


Mr-lonely JanaF4 months ago
Good luck ??
Lukaslegenda3 months ago
My tooth is a bit out of the other teeth do you think that will stop or wont be good to french kiss is it going to interupt it or no?
Is it okay to ask your male bi friend to help you practice. I mean im bi too. but we're only friends. can I ask him or is that wrong?
If he agrees i dont see no reason to be wrong

it's perfectly normal! practice never hurt anyone right? But make sure to approach the subject lightly, i find that helps.

I am a guy of 18yrs and I hav kissed my girl friend in the same manner as it is written without reading it earlier. Is it same in max cases?
nutty4454 months ago
bestoptrends4 months ago


Um... So... I'm 14, don't worry I'm turning 15. Anyway, I know I may be young but I have a boyfriend who I am in love with. We have been dating a month now, if you don't count the four day break up last week, and all we do is the basic cute kiss. I had my first kiss with my ex the last day he got expelled and before I got with this boy. Literally like four days before. I blabber too much, lol. Anyway, I'm a good girl with a bad streak but just don't know how to make a move. He's really sweet and respectful but I want to 'make out' with him! He wants to too! And it might happen at school on Monday and that scares me... It might be at lunch in front of all our friends.... Geez.... We can't hang out or stay after school because of my very strict parents who don't even know we're back together.... Anyway I'm unsure if we should wait or just go for it... Should we like skip a class or what?... I don't like the idea of all our friends being around...
MarissaL16 months ago


doraj18 months ago


DawaT18 months ago

As i was going through this juicy article, it really let me to think of my dearest. It was awesome.

it was more then what i meant to be..........

joe.lach.379 months ago

Great advice man, alot of what i see in t.v.

NetWt4Lbs1 year ago
dear people who have not kissed someone yet, do not rush it!! You have all the time in the world to be kissing boys/girls!

wat if it comes 2 french kissing

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