Step 10: Practice makes perfect!

Picture of Practice makes perfect!

Don't have anyone to try this with quite yet? No problem, you can still practice. Remember how we talked about the soft-serve ice cream cone? Try one out with kissing in mind. Remember how your tongue feels in that way.

Don't be embarrassed to practice on yourself! Well, you don't have to tell anyone if you don't want to, but practicing on yourself is a great way to start. Trying kissing your hand and follow the technique.

Everybody will develop their own "art" to French kissing, so just give it time! The more you do it, the better you'll get! Thankfully, it's fun to practice!

Now go out there and grab yourself somebody to kiss! Have fun and be safe!

This was my first Instructable and if you enjoyed it let me know! I would love to get some feed back. :)

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maz^_^6 years ago
WOW dat lewks sow ROMANTIC<3 but dat soo dont happen knoe more itz more like kissin in tha hallwayz when yu pazz em' tew go tew yur next clazz (not exactly wat i consider romantic)
zzoella maz^_^1 year ago

Pardon me, but I believe that there's a book that would help you out. It's called the dictionary. One can find it in most libraries.

lol this kid must not know english

DawaT19 months ago

As i was going through this juicy article, it really let me to think of my dearest. It was awesome.

it was more then what i meant to be..........

joe.lach.3710 months ago

Great advice man, alot of what i see in t.v.

Bleumoonx2 years ago
I find that me and my boyfriend are fridgits (shy to do anything), we've done the basic hug and hold hands but we haven't kissed yet. When I'm with my friends I say that I will kiss him the next time I see him but when I'm with him, it all changes I just don't have the guts to kiss him. It's been three months now and he knows I want to kiss him and I know he wants to kiss me too, please give me some answers and tips on this I find this really difficult xx
I had exactly the same thing, same 3 months and everything, eventually we got the nerve up at Asda would you believe, and it was quick but it was lovely. The second was a bit more awkward, but we talked about it and we worked out what we both liked and in the end it was perfect.

thanks for that, but things didn't quite work out between us and I guess it just wasn't ment to be, sadly we never did get our first kiss but since that relationship I have definatly felt more confident in myself xx

Hey Bleumoonx,
While you're holding hands, hugging, or you're close to him, try to give him hints that you want to kiss him. Relax the muscles in your eyes and smile a little. You want to look sincere and let him know that you really love him. If he acknowledges, very slowly begin to feel/touch his hand/face/body etc. If he moves in first, and tilts his head one side, tilt your head to the other, and softly and steadily lock your lips. Move out and if he enjoys it, continue to make the kisses longer and eventually, if you and him feel it suitable french kiss.
Anywho, Hope That Helped! XOXO
emmiwulf2 years ago
Im a 13 yr old 7th grade girl and I know you think I'm to young but whatever. my first relationship is what I have now...we've been together for a year now and no kisses. she's terrified about being bullied about her sexuality (bi) so we keep our relationship a secret. I'm completely out with people, everyone in school knows I'm lez but no one knows she's bi. so I wanna kiss her soon and was wondering if anyone had some tips on how to kiss my girlfriend for the first time without the entire school knowing......
SSSSSSooooooooooooooo, would anyone suggest french kissing a 13 year old girlfriend for the first time??
nice ible! thx
lman1234 years ago
that was great info
hey guys im new to this stuff but i have been going out with my gf for bout 3 months now and she wants a kiss from me but i dont know how. But after reading this information it has helped me out heaps. But i still dont know how or when to do it i know shes ready but i want to kiss her but just cant get the confidence i need to do it any tips would help thx :)
gladys455 years ago
 why does this instructable exist? people have been kissing succesfully for millenia. i worked it out after about 10 seconds... it was either work it out or watch the girl walk away :D
mam1695 years ago
I have a few suggestions to add being a more mature (ahem...older in years) and experienced kisser. As I was gaining experience, I was quite surprised to find the variety of kisses out there. And I must say there seems to be more not so great ones than really good ones!

French Kissing Don'ts:
1) Do not make like a drill with your tongue! For example: constantly going round & round in 1 direction as if drilling for oil. I can't imagine anyone would find this a lovely experience.

2) Do not plunge your tongue into the other persons mouth with the force of an industrial sledgehammer.

3) If practicing #2 OR even gently introducing your tongue, do not invade so far into the other persons mouth as if trying to reach their uvula (that little hangy thing in the back of your throat).

4) Do not smoke - ewwww! Of course 2 smokers will not mind...same principle as both having eaten garlic or limburger cheese.

5) Pleeeezzzz make sure your teeth are brushed/reasonably clean - if not & you are out & about go to the restroom and use a napkin, your hairbrush, a piece of steak - anything! Just get the grunge off! You probably have bad breath too if this condition exists - if no access to mints/gum/etc, try chewing some parsley or a stick of plain celery then check your teeth for left over particles.

5) Do not bite the other persons lip too hard - the magic of the kiss goes "poof"!

6) Do not mash your mouth so firmly on your partner face that you pinch a lip or clash teeth (with or without braces). Curb your enthusiasm!

All I can think of for now....Hope that helps!
Raiden975 years ago
my first kiss wasnt a french kiss...but thats what many ppl want...their first kiss to be a french kiss....hahaha....
I liked it I thought it was rather accurate and informative. yes quite enjoyable!
livin6 years ago
this is a nice site i think i love it so much,its so informative with simple things...i like the "how to french kiss"cause i love doing it.
insanitea6 years ago
hahaha. i wish a certain friend of mine had read this a few months ago... : /
this is kinda mean. but it made me laughh!
hey i had my first actaul tongue kiss and to me it came naturally. does that happen with everyone or am i just diff?
well my friend, good for you cuz you will never have those aqward moments, like a minute into it, and your partner pulls away and says something like"Oh, i left my light on, in my other life!" and leaves.
Skullrock766 years ago
THANKS SOO MUCH YO! ok, so i used to be NOORIUS for my kissing, and not compliments by far, then i got good, and then i been out the game for a while, and i recently french kissed this gurrl i been liking for sometime, and lets say i dint do so well, I WAS CONFUSED! Ahh, she said i bit her cheek, anyway i read soo many guides and your is the best! So, i dont feel nervous about it anymore, its 5:50 right now and, haha ima buy myself a soft serve!
THX asyrith! my both of my recent kissing partners says i'm a natural...wich rox, but i wasn't so sure, and i needed some tips...you really helped! :D rock awesome name btw
i need help kissing my girl friend. we've been going out for like almost 4 months. Im going to kiss her on valentine's day but im scared cuz i might be a bad kisser. I may be a good kisser but im too shy. If somebody could give me some good tips that would be great''
i know youve probably heard this before and i know its harder than it sounds but you have to be.act confident otherwise she will sense it and it will probably either put her off or she ill hold back
I just got my first kiss ever not so long ago. I was scared i was gonna get scared or something was gonna happen but in the end it turns out I'm a great kisser.
aww thats sweet that you haven't kissed your girlfriend yet so that would be a romantic thing for you to kiss her on valentines day.
asyrith (author)  worstkisserever6 years ago
Well, I mean, I gave the best advice I could already in the I'ble. Just don't be nervous or over think it. Being awkward is no fun. Relax and enjoy. :)
Omaley asyrith6 years ago
I have to agree with asyrith, and Im glad to say I signed up just to comment on this, what a great job asyrith! I was a bit nervous myself with my first kiss but hey, after the experience all you can do is improve! Double the stress as my first kiss was with with a girl that had dated many before me, but have to say we are still dating so i must be doing something right! Once again good job on the instructable.
thealec6 years ago
Very helpful! Wish I'd read this before making out under the covers for the first time... lol.
grim reeder6 years ago
lmfao...tht pic in the beginning of the tutorial was fuuunnyy...
noitalever7 years ago
Nice instructable. ...I'm going to proceed to link this on my lj, but your secret's safe with me. I won't tell your ID unless they stalk you enough to figure it out. You rock.
What about your feet instead of your hands hmm...???? lol
zjpronger6 years ago
nice explanaition this might help me start a relationship wit my girl
i should have read this a lot sooner
I am not to shor if my Gfriend likes the way I kiss
this was a lot of help =D
asyrith (author)  jamesgamerguy6 years ago
Good deal! You know, communication is a huge part of every relationship. Ask your girlfriend to kiss you how she wants to be kissed. You'll learn a lot. ;) Glad you liked it!
i thought this was really good....ive learnd my own "art" in french kissing as u said and i myself should say i have enjoyed it.....hahahahha
you know that sounds like a great idea
but my tongue is bigger than hers and when we french kiss my tongue
always seems to get trapped on the side i started kissing her in
got any advice for that?
also my girlfriend has dated over 20 different guys and she's my first girlfriend
sometimes i feel like i might not be any better than her other boyfriends <=(
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