Step 3: Have Soft, moist lips

Picture of Have Soft, moist lips

Chapstick is something that guys and gals alike can carry on them and use often. Soft lips are enticing where as dry lips are quite the opposite. Would you want to kiss someone with cracked, chapped lips or soft, smooth lips? I thought so. :P

This is something very easy to do! Just carry around a tube with you and apply as need. Voila! Instant kissable lips. Also, keep in mind that most lipsticks can be very sticky and unpleasant to transfer via kiss. They look pretty, yes, but be sure if you want to use lipstick or gloss, that it will not hinder the kiss. Sometimes flavored lip gloss can be fun. ;)


maz^_^6 years ago
ooh mii lipz look juzt like dat
i muzt have gewd lips
atleast datz wat iv been told
_ :) ;)
You need to kiss a dictionary
you need to learn to spell.
you funny man
that make me laugh
jc20105 years ago
ok my boyfriend wants me to kiss him and i do! its just that ...well i have never kiss someone before and im kinda of nervous :/ any help on wat to do???
bstanger jc20104 years ago
Don't be nervous! Here's a good thing to know: First kisses are ALWAYS awkward. That perfect romantic-comedy movie kiss never happens. So just keep positive, and you'll get better. If he's a good guy, he'll still like you. And if he doesn't, dump him!
sammyg196 years ago
My bf loved it when i wore flavored lip gloss. All you girls should try.
megz126 years ago
hmmmm my lips chap very easily for some reason does anybody know what can stop that? x
chap stick...