Step 5: Start off Slowly

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Lean in closely to your partner and look into their eyes. If they want to be kissed, kiss them. Tilt your head slightly to the side so that your noses do not bump. Keep eye contact with them until your lips touch, at which point you should close your eyes. It is generally considered rude to kiss with your eyes open and can ruin the intimacy of the moment.

Let your lips softly touch and pull away from each other in a kiss. Pause for a moment and gage how the other person is enjoying this kiss. You can pull away slightly to look into their eyes. If they liked your kiss, try another one on them. Maybe let this one last a moment longer or kiss them a couple times. Make sure your kisses are soft.

Heeey everyone,

Last night I went to a grade 9-12 dance, Im in grade 9, ive never gone out with anyone as such and ive never kissed anyone.

2 of my friends have gone out with people and kissed. last night they kept kissing random guys who they dont even know the name of within 10 seconds. Then all at once 3 of my friends were making out and i mean making out! there was lots of tongue and it lasted at least 25 seconds.

I feel like all my friends are growing up faster than me because a few boys asked me if I would like to dance, i said yes and then he started leaning in for the kiss, and i turned around and pretty much RAN out the door, i feel really embarrassed but I havent had my first kiss yet... I guesss what Im trying to ask is, I should just wait for a nice guy right... rather than just kissing a random to fit in??

And if that guy that tried to kiss me just happens to be reading this I'm Sooooooo sorry, im REALLY embarrassed x 10 000!!!

Thankyou for listening to me blab on :)
zephalis6 years ago
I can't believe no one's caught this yet: "Keep eye contact with them until your lips touch,..." It is physically impossible for a human to keep eye contact with another at that distance. An adult can only focus their eyes past 6 inches (or more). Only an infant can go below 4 inches. If that weren't enough, by time your head is tilted enough, you are beyond visual contact within the inch it takes to touch lips. To the author: not insulting you, just think that part needs a little revision.
as for the people in the picture... get some!!!

don't stick your whole tongue in someone's mouth... it makes it har to breathe lol

and yeah i think that guy just has extremely bad grammar... people need to stop texting, it's destroying the english language =]
maz^_^6 years ago
i thank dat thay dew lewk naked but dat dont mattah tew mee nd iv kissed alot nd i STILL DONT LIKE FRENCH KISSIN!! i dont want no1 stiken ther tongue in mii mouth
arcanius maz^_^6 years ago
yebote maz...are you american?...I use to think my english is bad...but you?...damm...I crushed my eyes just reading your comment
rfl caveman6 years ago
ya kn0w thats a good question kc...umm well i don't think you doi think if you stuck your whole tounge in her mouth it would feel uncomfortable for you and her cause thers no room for it all so i'd just put a litte more than the tip of it.....thats what i do
knex-4-life7 years ago
are they naked?? kinda sounds like sex :D lol
asyrith (author)  knex-4-life7 years ago
lol, yeah...kinda noticed that after the fact, but no. It's just the style of the dresses then. They had very low cut backs and such. If you look in the corner of it, you can see part of a dress. ;)
oh i see wat u meen :P