Step 6: How to know when to transition your kiss to a French kiss

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There isn't going to be a moment at which you will want to stop and ask for permission, "Hey, mind if we swap saliva?" So, you will need to test the waters to see if your partner wants to be kissed. When you have decided you want to French kiss, start kissing your partner with a slight open mouth, but keep your tongue inside. This lets your partner know that your mouth is open and that you are up for French kissing. Continue kissing with an open mouth and then, very slightly, touch your partner's lips with your tongue. If they respond negatively, stop. If they don't respond, then be patient. They might not be ready yet. If your partner mirrors your actions by opening their mouth, then they are ready to move on.

weezygirl2 years ago
Is it wrong to ask a guy friend, whom I am not interested in, to practice kissing because I just know i'me going to mess it up somehow. how should i ask and how close should we be? should it be a lifelong friend that might develop feelings or has had feelings years ago? or a new friend? i guess i've always had a fantacy about this, but is that normal?

it's normal for a girl to fantisice about a friend, i do. just ask its not like a dude will say no, what wrong with you a dude likes to practice just as much as any girl i'm thirteen and i have practiced and if your friend is new get to know them then ask but keep calm and keep your poker face on so he knows your not joking. when/if you do kiss the friend keep your hands to yourself you don't want to show any sexual attraction. AND IF ALL ELSE FAILS HIRE A MALE HOOKER! JK!!!! remember stay calm :)

lol im onle 12 and iv already snogged 2 boys xD
im not even that popular!
its weird cuz the most popular cutest boy in my year loves me like
and we go out xD
everyone is so jealous C;
im so lucky.
hopefully im gonna french kiss him like this tomoz
wish me luck!! :D lol
p.s. dont say im too young
Mr. Friend6 years ago
ok.. this is the only thing im haven trouble with...... me and my gf talked about it (i know im a nartard) anyways.. i asked her what she thought about open kissing and she said i dont need her permission that if i wanted to then she does 2. i just have 2 do it. nether of us has ever open mouth kissed so i have no idea how to start it. i need some advice. anyone got my back?
the first time i did it was like 2 months ago im going into 8th grade and not very experienced but there wasnt too much toungue action and it was short but it was fun is i were you i would start out slow and just do a little bit and if she smiles and goes back in just keep going and add a little more tongue action not very discriptive bcz she did most of the work my time but idk thats all i can give u hope it helped
just kiss her. take her by suprise.
this person's horrible grammar cracks me up
maz^_^6 years ago
dat iz sow grozz i dont care wat yu pple think itz mushy nd nasty nd slimy nd i knoe BAD!!
megz12 maz^_^6 years ago
you need to type poperly and ye how old are you because im 14 and only ever french kissed two people but it was very different so it might just be the people you are kissing the bf ive got now is very nice :D x
frodobot maz^_^6 years ago
how old are you exactly to think that?
he has a hairy chin lol!!!!
rfl caveman6 years ago
i never really tested the waters.....oops! i just went after it and she liked it....hmmm i guess i'l give it a try, haha
leeellis6 years ago