Step 8: Remember your hands

Picture of Remember your hands

When kissing, it is very important to remember your hands in relation to your partner's body. When you begin kissing, keep your hands gently touching your partner. Try gingerly stroking their cheek or running your fingers through their hair.

As the kiss progresses, so may your hands. Try running your hand down their back while one hand plays with their hair. Or just embrace them gently. You will find what you are most comfortable with. The important thing is to remember not to let your arms just hang there! Let your hands mirror what your mouth is up to.

maz^_^6 years ago
dat sow works tryed it ooh lala haheha
rfl caveman6 years ago
Bob Stein7 years ago
You are so right about the hands. Is it fair to say more intimacy is exchanged through hand skin than any other. How better to tell someone you want them to feel good.