This instructable will show you how to gain weight. This is really aimed at the fast metabolism (I eat like a horse and still can't gain weight) crowd.

I decided to revise this due to the amazing number of views this instructable has and the important points about nutrition I've learned since first publishing this.

Exercise Book

Nutrition Books

Lots of Good Food (TM)

Weights to train with or access to a gym.

You can find good descriptions of stretching and strength training exercises in many books, "Scrawny to Brawny" is one example. I bought that book and it could have been fit into a pamphlet, but it described the exercises well.

You could look up information on your basal metabolic rate and caloric intake and lots of nifty formulas, but it's not really necessary to follow this as a process. In fact, I encourage you to look up all the assertions I'll be making to educate yourself and better understand why these techniques will work for skinny people. Don't take my word for it.

Now I'm going to boil down the weight gaining process for you. It's up to you to gradually work it into your life. It's work, but you can do it.

Step 1: Why You Have a Hard Time Gaining Weight

If you're skinny, like me, and you always have been, chances are you have a hard time gaining weight if you want to.

You've got a few things that prevent you from gaining weight:

1) A fast metabolism. The only way to get around this burn-everything-you-eat metabolism is to eat more than your system has the capacity to burn.

2) Higher percentage endurance muscle fiber vs. strength muscle fiber. There are two big types of muscle fibers. One is really good at aerobic exercise (if you're me, you have a lot of this). The other is strength fiber. Increasing body mass requires you to avoid endurance training as much as possible, especially during the first three weeks. You must lift weights to increase your proportion of strength muscle fiber. Heavy weights.

3) Nutritional deficiencies from early in life. You can read two books to see how this might make a difference: "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration: A Comparison of Primitive and Modern Diets and Their Effects" by Weston A. Price, first published in 1939! There's also a more recent book that goes into epigenetics called "Beautiful Babies: Nutrition for Fertility, Pregnancy, Breast-feeding, and Baby's First Foods" by Kristen Michaelis.

3) Your body proportions make some exercises difficult to do, if not impossible, without injuring yourself. The standard overhead barbell press will hurt my back, for example. This is because I have long arms, a short torso, and really long legs. I have to hold the barbell a different way than Ah-nold does. Avoiding injury will help you stay on the weight-gaining bandwagon.

4) A lack of knowledge. Previously, you didn't know what the price really was to gain weight. This instructable should square that away.

<p>hi im a teen and I weigh about 107 but I look like a stick I wanna weigh about 120 if not more but I can seem to gain anything and I eat like crazy . I need some help!</p>
<p>I can relate to that, being skinny as well, until i eat proper meal. http://kkparkour.my/how-to-gain-weight/</p>
<p>your not alone brother,Its probably gentics but dont worry as you grow up you will start developing some fat</p>
will i be back to skinny after getting this weights and stop excerciseing
Help i need to add about 10 pounds and i am as skinnya s a stick and i do dancing lessons so help i also eat alot trying to make myself fat please help
<p>THIS IS ME! Im 5&quot; 2 and 98 pounds! I eat lots of stuff everyday like enough to equal 5 meals aday and Im still thin!</p>
5'6 and 100lbs, i feel you
<p>After having been extremely ill for about 5 weeks, and not being able to eat for 12 days, I lost a lot of weight. Being skinny made things worse. I did not have the energy to walk to my kitchen, nor even hold a coffee cup, I was nursed by family &amp; friends.</p><p>As I began to recover, I started to eat each day a little more than the previous day. I bought what I thought was raw honey, well it had honeycomb inside and was not cheap. Slowly but surely I began to eat like a pig! After just 2 weeks I gained 4 kilos back. In the end I went mad, I literally could not stop eating, nothing satisfied my appetite! I remember eating one evening (Just before going to bed) a large bowl of wheat cereal with full cream milk &amp; honey, a cheese sandwich, then followed by 3 avocado pears. It felt as if I could have eaten more. </p><p>Lucky for me that my GF asked me to check the ingredients of the 'raw honey.'</p><p>It turned out to be mostly HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP and HONEY AROMAS!! Very nasty stuff &amp; totally unhealthy! Naturally I stopped and replaced this nonsense with 'real honey.' This FAKE honey came from Turkey, beware folks, the doses I was taking would have put a diabetic in hospital, always read the labels on ALL food! ;-))</p>
<p>It is possible to get stronger without getting bigger, because of neural muscle adaptation. You should tweak</p><p>your training and diet a little, if you want to get bigger muscles. http://fastingandtraining.com/not-gaining-weight</p>
<p>When it comes to gaining weight, you have to use small tips and tricks, as drinking calories, avoiding satiating foods etc...</p><p>http://fastingandtraining.com/bulking-experience</p>
What kind of good have more protein?
<p>I just read all of this Im going to try it I hope it works . Be back in 2 weeks </p>
<p>Is anybody even on here any more? I'll be back tommorrow night maybe.</p>
<p>I need help! I wanted to gain at least 5 pounds by december, and my family goes to cici's every thursday, and I eat alot of pizza, and I eat alot at home, but no weight gaain. I suck at sports, It tires me out to much to work out and I barely sleep at all. And if there are spelling mistakes, sorry, I I'm not looking at the screen when I type, I stare at the key board while i type, and im getting really tired, so ill bi on here tommorrow bye.</p>
<p>Another important thing to remember is to rest. Your body grows when you rest, and especially getting a good night's sleep is very important as the body releases things like testosterone and the human growth hormone during the night, helping your body grow!</p><p>http://gainweightjournal.com/how-to-gain-weight/</p>
<p>I do not sleep often.</p>
<p>Exactly - most people shouldn't be exercising daily (at least not the same muscle groups) regardless of their body type.</p>
Actually it depends on how your body is maybe some peoples body were made for sports and they can gain muscle
<p>I'm fed up with how much I eat and I feel as if it goes straight to the toilet!! lol </p><p>I gain NO weight!! gaaaa someone help meee :(</p><p>I get plenty of sleep, drink all my milk, eat veggies, meat all that good stuff.. I LOVE food so eating more than I usually would wasn't hard at all. But no weight gain. I also attend military school so working out to stay physically fit is not only a chore but it is a necessity needed to live a long healthy life. But ... still, no weight gain :(</p>
<p>check my reply to sabrina above. I MADE IT! IM FAT! I should write a book, &quot;Road to obesity&quot;.</p>
<p>Can you send me one of those books, because I'm really tired of bieng laughed at.</p>
<p>Lol I Was Super Skinny 2 But Now I Gained Weight 2 Tips</p><p>1.Eat Alot</p><p>When U Say I Eat Alot And Ur Full Try More And More And Whenever Ur Bored Grab Anything And Eat It</p><p>2. Go To Toilet When Needed Only (it sounds funny but its true</p>
<p>I need help too xD im 5'6 100lbs since high school, now im in college and gain only like 4 pounds ? :D</p>
Well ive been called weak ,alien,stick etc but ive tried so hard eating junk food and it just doesnt help i asked my mom why am i so skinny she told me that its maybe because my body was made for sports and muscles i actually have a friend that goes to soccer and she has a lot of muscle in her legs she told me that she used to be as skinny as me so she went to soccer but idk if it will work for me specially because i know if i go to soccer they will judge me because i am too skiny but well maybe it will work.
<p>dont worry i have a friend whos really skinny and shes on a soccer team and she tells me no one really makes fun of her. and so what if they call you skinny dont let their words affect you</p>
<p>The link for the 1000 calorie milkshake recipes doesn't, it might be expired. Could you please update the link, thanks! :)</p>
<p>I tried everything! Sorry, let me rephrase that- I TRIED EVERYTHING, PEOPLE, I REPEAT, EVERYTHING! I just don't know what 2 do! I am now on the opposite of a diet, i eat nothing but junkfood, because when i ATE healthy, I WAS STILL SKINNY! So, I thought, why don't i just try eating junk, since itmakes everone fat! But guess what... IT DIDN'T WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(</p>
<p>Eat a lot of potatoes and rice everyday I gained four pounds in a week just eating those two things but you have to eat a lot of it or you won't gain anything.</p>
<p>How many portions did you eat a day like 4 - 5? My weight is 43.1 kg right now. and I want to be around 100kg or more if it is possible by Jan - March next year.</p>
Never gonna happen not that quick
<p>wow 4 pounds in a week is a lot man. but it could be from the water weight or just fats. but anyways,good job! 4 pounds is worth gold to a desperate skinny person trying to gain weight</p>
I feel you :|
<p>You could be hyperthyroid. The thyroid gland is responsible for controlling our metabolism among other things. So if it is producing excess hormones our metabolism is high and you cannot gain weight. Talk to your doctor about it. Mention to them all those strange symptoms you may think it is unrelated--including frequent pooping,eye sight challenges- whatever symptoms you have. They will conduct simple blood tests and advice you</p>
<p>hey man, i know how you feel hahaha. i was facing the same problems too when i started. check out this article i wrote on how transformed my body. who knows, you might learn a thing or two. http://www.weightgainbootcamp.com/what-to-eat-to-gain-weight/</p>
<p>Then you will have to slow down your metabolism... You must NOT eat citrus like lemon, lemonade, citrus fruit products, lime, energy drinks or any food that contains citronic acid (lemon acid) mostly fanta, schweppes, etc.. From juice you probably drink coke and stuff? If it didn't help then start buying and drinking Fruit Juices that contain fructose, drink them oftenly.. I don't think Milk will help you, some experts say milk is helping losing weight too.. I suggest you to add MORE cheese in your daily food menu, start buying proteins like Whey, make them with Dark Chocolate it also helps a lot.. Don't eat cereals or yoghurt, drink one spoon of oil everyday and add more oil in your menu, eat fries a lot.. That will help you gain weight and slow down metabolism so you can have normal process.</p>
<p>Hi . My name is Charday Dix . Im 15 years old now and I have been skinny my whole life. I used to like it when i was little but now that im older i would like to be a bit bigger . I tried eating alot but nothing happens. I tried eating alot of junk food but nothing happens. Being picked on because Im skinny is really sad and I dont want to be fat but i want to be FIT ! Does Anyone have suggestions ?</p>
I was the same as you there not much you can do you wont be to gain much. But you can make you muscle very strong. Everyday try do 30-50 push ups 50 sits ups and 30-50 crunches if thats hard do them in set of 10 or 20 with 15 seconds rest and that work for me as a kid.
How much do you weight in lbs
<p>My name is Lilah, im 12 years old and have been you guessed it, skinny my whole life. I just wish I could be a little thicker, but none of these steps are working. Then, I realized why I wanted to change my body, and that was so I could look like other people. However I realized I rocked being the boney, scrawny person I am. So to all the people who commented, I just want to tell you that you are beautiful, and you don't need any steps or methods to change the way you are, because you are perfect.:)</p>
Your 12 mate you dont need to bulk.. Just stick to aerobic exercises fitness is far better than strength
<p>Also note that some conditions like hypethyroism makes your metabolism faster and no matter how much you eat, you cant gain weight. </p>
<p>4ooo cal is to much. its said that 1000 over a mans daily intake is enough to make a safe weight gain , add meal replacements inbetween meals and eat low fat high protein heavy in calorie food .. and if u want to bulk then weight training is the best bet and not just for guys women to who want to add shape. it is a myth that if a woman trains heavy she will gain muscle like a male does .. eaaat breakfast!!! this first meal will kick start your metabolism . and will also give youa appitite for the rest of the day . don't miss meals , your stomach shrinks and your mind gets used to not eating so doesn't send the signals to make you feel hunger .. happy eatin ..uk jay</p>
<p>Boost <br>Your Energy With Yoga , Yoga is a deeply spiritual practice, improve stamina, <br>strength and body flexibility, concentration and balance, improved metabolism. &lt;a <br>href=&quot;http://www.apoorvayoga.com/&quot; rel=&quot;dofollow&quot;&gt; <br> <br>Yoga <br> Teacher Training In India&lt;/a&gt;</p>
<p>Yes, this is an awesome article and I found more useful tips.. I read another helpful article which figure out what we need to eat in order to gain weight.. go through it.. http://www.worthofread.com/top-20-weight-gaining-foods-for-skinny-guys/ </p>
<p>Does it actually work?</p>
<p>If you can make it through the bad English, yes it works &mdash; over time. Nothing is immediate and you have to keep at it.</p>
<p>Oh Okay I will try this. </p>
<p>Hi I am 16 years old and have been skinny since I was young but I haven't gained any weight yet. I have tried many gaining weights in the past like Nutrition milkshakes but they have never seemed to work and going to the GP but they don't exactly help! I haven't really had that much confidence because of this and I really need your help?!</p>
<p>Keep a food diary of what you're eating now. Although I thought I just eat what I wanted, when I wanted, the diary was very telling. I was actually overestimating how much I eat each day so was only getting maintenance calories (or less). With a diary you can see just where you need to pack in more calories.</p>
<p>Thankyou I will. I will be starting the gym tomorrow so I hope for myself something comes good out of this.</p>

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