How to Get Beach Waves




Introduction: How to Get Beach Waves

Josie, a StyleUnited Fashion and Design expert, shares how to get one of her favorite hair looks, beach waves.


1. Start with Dry, Brushed Hair.

2. Pin Up Hair. Once you have your part set, pin up hair into sections. Part remaining hair down back and bring to the front.

3. Curl Hair. Take hair in 2" sections and curl. Wrap hair around the wand, curling away from your face.

Tip: Cup the curl with you hand to let it cool. Resist the urge to run fingers through curls. Cooling sets the curls and makes them last longer.

4. Continue Curling Lower Sections.

5. Curl Top Sections. Take down the top section, part down the middle and curl.

6. Do Makeup. Leave curled hair alone and continue with makeup or getting dressed. You want to hair to cool as long as possible.

7. Run Hands Thru Hair. Mess it up a bit and break up waves.

8. Add Hairspray. We like Aussie Mega Hold. Spray roots for volume.



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