How to Get Free Games on Samsung Restore for VM

Picture of How to Get Free Games on Samsung Restore for VM
** This instructable is entered in the "hack it!" challenge, please vote for me :)**

A few months ago i bought my first phone, the samsung restore for virgin mobile. After a few days of figuring out the phone i decided it needed some games. it came with a demo for bejeweled and i decided that would be a good first game on my phone so i went to the buy page and to my surprise it said the full game was not compatable. so i checked the website on my computer and to my greater surprise found they had deleted all games for my phone :/ this is how i got free games for my phone, 20 youtube videos, 5 ask.com answers, and countless google pages later, this is the result.
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Step 1: The (single) material

Picture of The (single) material
For this instructable you will need, your phone (duh), and a micro sd card with computer adapter. and thats it!

Step 2: The Software

Picture of The Software
To use this you will have to get a program called JADmaker, i am not sure which website i got this off of but it was first or close to first on a google search.

Step 3: Download the Game Files

Picture of Download the Game Files
You will need the games now, so go to a website that gives out third party software, if you have already found one, go to step 4, otherwise continue to the next step.

Step 4: Getting your games

Picture of Getting your games
Go to mobile9.com, when you are on the home screen look on the top for devices, click on add new device and find samsung m570, the official name of the samsung restore. once you select the phone it takes you to a screen showing many wallpapers, on the left side select softwares, this takes you to the page you download games from, find a game and click on it, click on download to pc, and wait for the countdown. when its done downloading proceed to the next step.