How to Get Free Gun Magazines





Introduction: How to Get Free Gun Magazines

Go where they buy lots of guns and dig in their trash.
Your local police department for example.
You'll find much cooler magazines than at the 7-11, and it's totally free!!

Excellent photos by Saul Griffith

Step 1: Jackpot!

Here's the tip of a really tasty iceberg. We got about 50 lbs of 20 or so different magazines.
For those of you not familiar with the genre, think "holy shit".

Step 2: An Elevated, Modified Standing Position

So what's this gun loving lifestyle all about anyway?
Opening one of a magazines (Guns Magazine 2006 Combat Annual) at random, here's what we find.
The caption reads: "An elevated, modified standing position".
For your subscription, go to



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For free magazines you can go to freebizmag or and sign up for free subscriptions to different stuff like outdoor life, etc.

Great write-up, fairly simple but informative! A few tips I have for fellow 'instructors'

Ask local businesses for the "hobbyist specials" as some people will sell their cars as "mechanic's specials". This really is more of a local business thing, usually they will direct you to the dumpster, parts bin, etc. For larger, corporate businesses, observe state laws and local ordinances set in place. Dumpsters are private property.

Try to make as many social connections as possible, resources become more abundant this way.

My town has "junk week" every year in late spring for people to set unwanted stuff at the curb, it's accepted and VERY common for people to sort through and take stuff. At the end of the week, the city takes any remaining trash free of charge excluding demolition material and home appliances.

Unfortunately, my town does also prohibit anyone from sorting through material at the public recycling center. So be careful even on public property.

I pick up magazines from the city recycling dumpsters. Have also gotten nice paper which an office store discarded, from the office paper recycling section of the dumpster. Just can't scrounge metals from there.

I though you meant Magazines as in the clip that holds the bullets. I was really surprised to see you dumpster diving for such a thing.

'sok, I thought the same thing. Didn't think they would throw bullet magazines away, though I guess you never know.....

Oh wow I'm an idiot. If an Admin could delete these two comments that would be great, it won't let me remove them.

Yeah the place to put those comments was you're orangeboard.