Step 2: An Elevated, Modified Standing Position

Picture of An Elevated, Modified Standing Position
So what's this gun loving lifestyle all about anyway?
Opening one of a magazines (Guns Magazine 2006 Combat Annual) at random, here's what we find.
The caption reads: "An elevated, modified standing position".
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just thought you might want to know because its kinda funny, i'm from new zealand, and not that long ago there was a article on the front page of the news paper saying a man had been arrested for theft doing this.... i've done "dumpster diving" loads of times and its really good! go to electronics stores, and check the dumpsters behind them, they through out any slightly damaged electronic gear, ps2 games, cameras, etc, hope this helps (not sure how)
seriously???!!! sweet i need to try this out !! sounds awesome best buy here i come
unfortunately if they are anything like other big warehouse stores like Home Depot they render any merchandise unusable before throwing it away. Home depot wouldn't even let employees have returned stuff bound for the trash. :(
Yeah I used to work at kroger and the bundler pretty much destroyed all paper material before it went out. No free boxes, no free magazines.
XO Omg must try.
cody273 years ago
Yea it definitely rubs me the wrong way how some of these places dispose of perfectly good merchandise, i use to work at a warehouse for a major grocery store and someone would drop a flat of something on the floor while picking and damage say 50% of the individually packaged goods and they would throw it out........when in reality you could remove the other 50% from the flat and donate it to a charity but nope, it just boggled my mind especially at the time as it was a few years ago when the economy tanked and food banks were taking a serious hit as people just didnt have the extra to spare.

mind you on the other hand i had a buddy who worked at best buy and he realized that they were tossing perfectly good but slightly damaged merchandise in a compactor for reason like above, floor models, displays returns and such, all they would do is scan the item and toss it so he ended up with several goodies as he would just scan it and throw the package in the compactor.......was it ethical......one could say no but does it make sense to create so much waste just because its not good enough for going on the shelf.
SDPADRES5 years ago
 hey that guy chaz when u say slightly damaged do u mean stil working
 yea like just the packaging. if its not good enough to look good on the shelf, most places through it out. 
Supersyko6 years ago
Ohhh, lol, i thought it was the ammo holding thing..
i thort he was talkin bout ammo magazines not paper ones!
Foxfur8 years ago
As an avid paper puncher (Target Shooter), I can personally attest to the fact that Neither I, nor anyone I currently know, nor any soldier(s) that I have served ever with, have never engaged in the pictured position. If I did, which I never would, I certainly would NEVER engage in such a comprimising position in front of a camera, let alone a camera with a photographer actively operating it. That being said, Major Kudos to Timmy! Good job man! I've never considered the cop shop as a mag stop. I usually go behind Barnes & Noble, Borders, and other chain book stores. Just look in their paper recycling bin / dumpster. The wife and I regularly pull 50-60 assorted magazines out of the B&N bin. Quite a few are shooting or gun mags. Other happy finds include Home Shop Machinist, PopSci&Mech, Wired, and others. Any skin mags plucked out go straight to the Boy Scouts recycle bin (that's where I saw my first skin mag), LOL. Seriously though, free magazines are everywhere. I like the doctor's office. I'll take in a dozen mags to leave there and take 2 or 3 home. Instead of immediate recycling, the mags I brought (may) impart some tender nuggets O' knowledge to others. On a mission from Dog, Ff
man comon i thought you said a gun magazine,you kno the bullet holding magazine!!!!!:(
you sure this is a gun magazine? tactical responce sounds a bit fishy
siletto9 years ago
:)) lol, and i thought he was talking about the ammunition-holding magazine :))