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It turns out that you can get and do a lot of things in this world for free.  "How to Get Free Stuff" shows you how to tap into this secret market!  From free magazines, to free yachts, to a free first class flight upgrade, this is your guide to the sweet life.  So put away your wallet, check out these instructions, and get yourself some free stuff.  All projects come from, are written by our creative community, and contain pictures for each step so you can easily make these yourself.

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Sarah James
Editor, Food & Living

Free Electronic Samples style
Did you know that some manufactures and suppliers will give away some free samples of their produces to customers and engineers to test them on their projects? They are some rules you should know bef...
Free Heat! Its Everywhere! style
An invader from the steppes of Mother Russia. The Russian Thistle(sasoli kali) is a common garden pest. The weed is easy to pull, but a problem remains, what do you do with the massive amount of fibre...
Get A Free Haircut - Fashion Styling 2.0 - Crowd-Sourced Hairstyling style
It's a dog-eat-dog world. Nothing comes for free in this world. So they say...but they clearly haven't been on the internet, where creative common licenses, knowledge sharing, yelp, and open sourced p...
Best FREE Things to do at Walt Disney World style
Imagine this scenario. You may have gone through this same scenario yourself (although not necessary as extreme)... You are going on a trip to Orlando, Florida with your family of four. Your main des...
Free Air Conditioning style
Technically it should be called a heat exchanger, we lovingly call it the water cooler, but it has been providing us with free cold air for more than 20 years now so it definitely does work. Shortly a...
FREE Hidden Electricity! style
This Instructable will show you how to tap into a FREE source of electricity! All you need is a phone line! All phone lines have a constant flow of voltage, around 40-70 volts (up to 100 volts when it...
How to Get a Free Yacht style
Sound impossible? It's not. Before long you'll be giving them away yourself. Here's the table of contents of the whole saga: Chapter 1: How to Get a Free Yacht Chapter 2: Maiden Voyage of the Free Ya...
Get project buckets for free! style
Get 5-gallon plastic project buckets for free, keep them out of landfills. To see my related Instructables, click on "unclesam" just below the title above or in the INFO box to the right. On the new ...
Free Energy style
In this instructable I will teach you how to suck energy from this planet called earth, even I don't know exactly how it works, but it works, can't argue with results! Sorry, no video will be added, ...
How to Sneak into Large Events style
This instructable will show you many ideas on how to sneak into large events. Large enough to have crowds of people. Please join me with real life ideas that have worked. Disclaimer: I do NOT cond...
How to Eat for Free Everyday (at a University) style
I go to the University of Colorado at Boulder. Every day there are dozens of events with free food waiting to be eaten by hungry engineering students. All you have to do is know where to go! This is m...
How to Get Free Gun Magazines style
Go where they buy lots of guns and dig in their trash. Your local police department for example. You'll find much cooler magazines than at the 7-11, and it's totally free!! Excellent photos by Saul G...
Get a Free Upgrade to First Class style
Getting a free upgrade to first class isn't easy, people who've paid for first class don't want a scruffy nobody riding free when they had to pay. Because of this the check-in attendants wont give fr...
Great Green Concept: Find FREE stuff for any project (using Freecycle) style
Got an idea for a project? Don't have the cash to get all the supplies. Here is a great resource I have found to be useful for getting just about any project material you need for free. This resorce i...
How To Get FREE Electronic parts! style
The cost of buying electronic parts for our projects from Radio Shack or Maplin are quite expensive now days... And most of us have a limited budget in buying stuff.But...If you know the secrets of ho...
List Of **FREE STUFF** For your projects style
This is a list of places which you can get FREE stuff from, you can use it in your projects.... Its free and the items are shipped free So yeah hope you like the list !Ok so I organized this instruct...
How to get a free instructables t-shirt style
Everyone needs an instructables shirt, heres how to do it.
Hack a Toilet for free water. style
This Instructable is a step by step description of the process of adding a sink to the top of a toilet allowing the use of the clean water before it goes into the bowl. Motivation Water is a prec...
How to watch TV on your Computer for free! (Legally and illegally) style
Hi, In this short instructable I going to show you a compilation of my favorite legal and illegal methods of watching TV on your computer. You may be surprised of how many great tv shows you can watch...
Make 4 easy Bamboo Flutes for free! style
Bamboo. Despite being a plant of prehistoric ancestry, this simple plant has "grown" to be a huge part of many cultures. Due to it's unparalleled growth speed, It's hollow construct, and widespread gr...
How to collect balcony rain water for free style
I've recently started gardening on my small balcony, finally. It's lovely to see little green plants growing from tiny seeds and all, but sometimes I forget to water my plants because I just can't be...
How to send mail free (no stamp) style
Heres a simple step you can take if you need to mail something but have no stamp.
How To Reuse a Dead Compact fluorescent lamp and Get Free Electronics style
how to get free electronics out this dead  "Compact fluorescent lamp" there is so many electronics in there  there is transistors , resistors , audio transformer , capacitors , diodes ... etc.        ...
How to Teleport! Free 3D Scanning and Cheap 3D Printing! style
Teleportation is awesome. Transporting material instantly from once location to another will change the world. Local bands will have global tours, truck drivers will not have jobs, food wont spoil on ...
Garden With Free Supplies style
Do you want a garden? Are you broke? This is a list of ways to get all of your garden supplies for free! All you have to do is buy plants. I use all of these methods in my garden at my apartment (my l...
How to Do Your Laundry for Free. style
Sustainable and Legal Grey-water recycling. Need a washing machine so that you don't have to go to the laundry mat and waste a bunch of money, time and water just so you can have some clean clothes? T...