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Step 1: Watch Video and Follow Steps

If you can't for some reason, here is a quick synopsis.

1. Open "Run"

2. Type in %appdata%, click enter.

3. Go up a level by pressing the up arrow in the top corner.

4. Select Local, then Undertale.

5. Open "file0"

6. Edit line 11 with the amount of money you want to have, up to 9999. Be sure to double check the line you are changing, or you could mess up. If you want to be sure, get Notepad++. It tells you what line you're editing.

7.Save and open Undertale.

<p>It still doesn't work for me :(</p><p>I tried changing the amount of money in file9 too(and saved it duh)</p><p>I tried restarting the game multiple times</p><p>it doesn't work....</p>
<p>nvm somehow I got it to work by putting 9998 and then restarting the game</p>
<p>AH! IT'S ELIZA PANCAKES!?!?!? Do you watch Dan and Phil?</p>
<p>I can't find run. I right-click it and I see run as administrator. Am I missing something, or is this not possible with Windows Vista?</p>
<p>press the windows key and r at the same time</p>
<p>I have windows 10 and I duno how to open run. I AM 10 OK?!?</p>
<p>click the search bar at the bottom left and type in &quot;run&quot; without quotation marks above that a program labeled run will show click it and run will open</p>
<p>it dosent work</p>
<p>do what i do in this video</p>
<p>do you have windows 10</p>
<p>hey help me in save </p>
<p>It helps me with the UTU Fight! (UTU = Undyne the Undying)</p>
<p>The file &quot;Local&quot; doesn't appear. Please help meh!</p>
<p>you have to kill everyone and get to lv 29</p>
<p>I ment 20</p>
<p>It's in AppData, which is a hidden file. You have to click on the address box and add <em>\AppData</em> to the url.</p>
<p>Great tutorial! It really helps when you want to buy a spider donut!</p>
<p>or lv</p>
<p>Or temmy armor</p>
<p>what about lv..... BUT IM LV 20 trololol</p>
<p>so... i downloaded a .zip file to get uindertale, but i can't find <em>file0 </em>so, how do i do it?</p>
<p>have you started the game at all? if not then thats why you cant find the file</p>
<p>NO WORCK</p>
<p>it works thnx </p>
<p>annoying dog comes every time !!!!!! WTF!</p>
<p>well, if the annoying dog comes every time and with the music &quot;mus_dance_of_dog.ogg&quot;, means that you did the wrong thing and your save is destroyed.</p>
<p>it doesnt work at all</p>

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