How to Get Local Administrator on Any Windows 7 Computer (even at School!)





Introduction: How to Get Local Administrator on Any Windows 7 Computer (even at School!)

Here I will show you how to get admin on a windows 7 computer without any external software or hardware.

Step 1: Starting "Repair Your Computer"

Firstly turn on the computer and tap F8 continuously on the boot screen to get some windows start-up options.
Then navigate (with arrow keys) to "Repair your computer".

This will show an option to start "Startup repair"

Select it.

This will start a program which will scan your computer for errors, (it should take around 20 minutes for it to complete).

(If it finds an error, let it repair itself and repeat previous steps).

It also may ask you if your want to restore your computer, DO NOT click restore, instead click cancel and let it resume scanning.

Finally it will say "Startup repair found no errors" or "Startup repair cannot repair this computer automatically".

Now you should see an arrow that says "view problem details" click this and then scroll down to the offline license and open it. (Make sure it's the offline license, it will be the bottom one).

Step 2: Using the Offline License to Make Sticky Keys Into Your Own Command Prompt.

(No image sorry, it's pretty easy though)

You should now have an open notepad file, now click "Open" and navigate to C:\Windows\System32

Make sure you switch the "file type" from .txt files to all files.

Now rename "sethc" to whatever you like (I use "1111" because if you want to change it back later it will be at the top of the list).

All you have to do now in this step is make a copy of "cmd.exe"(<== very important) and rename it "sethc" (without the quotation marks, duh).

Now just close all open windows, (your computer may reboot) and go to the "select user" screen.

Step 3: Making Your New Admin User or Using the Default One.

(still no picture, sorry)

Now press Shift five times and a console window will pop up.

But here's your choice, either you make a new (local) admin account under your username (1) or you could use the default administrator account (2) which would be much less noticeable by other admins.

Choice 1. Type (without the quotes, duuuhhhhh) "net user your_username_here your_password_here /add"

Choice 2. Type (again without the quotes) (also Administrator needs a capital "A")
"net user Administrator your_password_here"followed by"net user Administrator /active:yes"

You should now see "Administrator" on the logon screen, now just put in your password and you're done (one more step if you use a domain to logon, like at school).

Step 4: Logging Onto the Local Admin Instead of Domain

So if you log on to a domain network like a government or company domain, you will probably need this last step.

All you have to do is put the local name of your computer followed by "\Administrator" or whatever user you just created in the "username" box.

To find out your local computer name, just click "how do I logon to another domain?" and on the second line of the window that pops up you will see your computer's name followed by "/local user" (<== don't worry about that part)

(Just to be absolutely clear)

So now you have your computer's name all you do is type in the "username" box: "your_computer's_name\Administrator" or if you did option number one last step "your_computer's_name\your_user_name"

I am not responsible for your actions, so don't blame me if you get caught, fired or anything else really.



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