How to Get Plump Lips





Introduction: How to Get Plump Lips

You don't need to get fillers for these bee-stung lips!

Step 1: What to Purchase.

Some things you might consider when thinking about plumping up those lips.

1.) Invest in some lipliner and lipstick. I love MAC for lipliner/lipstick. It is fun to have some shade that match but also experiment with shades. Having a go-to ruby red is a must!

2.) Lip plumper -- if you didn't already catch that from the title. Benefit makes a good gloss and Buxom is a great brand with some color to throw in your purse.

Step 2: Apply Lipliner.

The trick to applying lip liner is finding that sweet spot between coloring in the lines and outside the lines. Line the lips at the outermost part, giving the illusion that they are bigger. I like to shade inward a little bit as well making sure that the line is thick.

Step 3: Lipstick.

Fill in the lines. I like to use a lip brush and apply the lipstick because you need less product and it saturates the lips better.

Step 4: Apply Lip Plumper or Gloss to Finish.

It isn't 100% necessary but I like to use a lip plumper like Buxom or Benefit lip plumper as a gloss to finish. It just gives it that little extra oomph!



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Why have I seen this before.? Anyway I love it

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