Picture of How to Get Pregnant
Getting pregnant is not rocket science. It is a matter of having sex at the right time with the right quality of sperm and egg. People have been figuring this out for years without instruction manuals. There are several steps however, that can improve your success.
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Step 1: Female Preparation

Picture of Female Preparation
Prior to getting pregnant, your chances of conception will be improved by some preparation.

Female prep
-Stop taking contraceptive pills/shots. It may take several months for your body to return to normal menses after stopping medication
-Take pre natal vitamins. Neural tube defects develop early in pregnancy. Start taking prenatal vitamins before you become pregnant.
-Stop smoking. Smoking can impact fertility, and it can cause fetal health problems.
-Moderation in diet and exercise. Obesity can impact fertility. Low weight and extreme exercise can impact fertility as well. Make sure you follow a healthy lifestyle with good foods and exercise, but don't go to extremes either way.
-Sleep- Leptin levels can impact fertility. Make sure you are getting adequate sleep each night. You will have plenty of time to stay up late once the baby is born.

Step 2: Male Preparation

Picture of Male Preparation
-Ditch the tighty whiteys. Sperm quality improves when the testicle sac is kept a few degrees cooler than the rest of the body.
- Do not use hot tubs. Hot tubs can impact sperm health.
-Moderation in diet and exercise. Eat well, exercise and take your vitamins. You have been paying attention to the notes for your partner haven't you? This applies to you as well as lifestyle can impact sperm quality. If you don't like vegetables, remember that it will make it easier for your partner to keep on her diet if you follow yours.
-Stop smoking. Smoking can impact sperm quality

Step 3: Partner preparation

Picture of Partner preparation
-Have fun and relax. Stress can make this process laborious and impact fertility as well. Don't turn conception into a job.
-Know your geography. It sounds simple, but you cannot get pregnant from oral or anal sex. Make sure to use vaginal intercourse methods when having sex during fertile periods.
LOL i bet some little kids googled this
Jahnavipat4 years ago
Ive been with my partner now for 3yrs we have talked about having a baby we have been trying for over 1yr now and i cant seem how  to get pregnant we have sex nearly everyday and its not working at all i dont no if there is something wrong with my body or just no luck!! i hope this site works for me because i really want to become a mum soon.
starjumper5 years ago
i think you mean "don't turn conception into a job"... not "contraception"
monocot (author)  starjumper5 years ago
Whoops, that would be rather counter productive no? ;) Correction sent.
You CAN get pregnant from anal sex but the chances are extremely low like 20% i believe. The walls are very thin.
*bangs head against wall*....the reason is that it might drip or run...or w/e and travel into the vagina....then if using protected sex or oral, it could shove that sperm up towards the cervix and such....same thing with performing mouth oral then vaginal, i am deeply disturbed.....
monocot (author)  illdoyourdrugs6 years ago
The GI tract is not connected to the reproductive tract. If you are having sex violently enough to cause both perineal and vaginal tears, I submit you are doing it wrong. There is a possibility that sperm ejaculated near the opening of the vagina could make it into the vaginal cavity, but the chances of that are pretty low.
Lol there's an Instructable for this!?
Mario20077 years ago
Spending less time on instructables and more time with the mrs also helps!
Yea but once she is pregnant theres nine months where you don't have to worrry about it anymore, give her lots of monies to buy a crib and tiny clothes etc., paint your spare room, then spend the remaining 39 weeks on instructables, commenting every single instructable ever published.
Dosnt have to be "Mrs" to get pregnant ... if you know what I mean!
I dont believe you mentioned the lady folk performing a handstand post coitus. Otherwise a very informative 'ible. Only wish i could get preggos... ah well.... suppose having a penis might slightly decrease my chances of that being an option.
JerBear6 years ago
"i wanna be pregnant for Halloween, can you help me with my costume?" lol
PetervG7 years ago
But what if the man wants to have the baby, not the woman?
well then its not up to the man or the woman. its up to the couple. talk to the woman and if she wants to wait for some while wait. do not allow this to get in the way of a relationship and defiantly do not poke condoms with pins. its a pure betrayal.
Then you'll have to have a chat with Arnold Schwarzenegger (Movie: Junior)
HAHA perfect!
monocot (author)  PetervG7 years ago
Then he goes to magical cabbage patch, duh! ;)
Indeed. thats all makes sense now....
so where is the part when the baby is made your just showing how to prepare not how to make if you know what i mean.... :p
candeelady7 years ago
My Blog about crafts and raising tweens
If it's been a year of no luck- plan an adoption. Three of my friends were finalizing an adoption and became pregnant. Suddenly there were 4 in the family. They say it's common because the couple quits focusing and stressing over it and then it just happens naturally.
Bayanlara Ozel Ne Varsa...! don't worry about condoms :p I figure the 15+ beers that got me to the point of being in such a position will probably kill this swimmers off. But seriously, it is important, I don't wanna put up with 20 little kids bitching at this guy because they got their little teen girlfriends preggo.
Bayanlara Ozel Ne Varsa...!

Thanks a lot...
I was going to add "throw some overdue bills, over-limit credit cards and an eviction notice under the bed and each partner must say 'For the love of <deity>, we can't have a baby now."

Such behavior is almost guaranteed to result in pregnancy. Having sex while in high school (or earlier) or having sex 'just this once' with someone who is not your significant other (husband, devoted partner, etc.). Chances of conception double if intercourse takes place while one/both partners are so inebriated that they aren't quite sure *anything* happened the night before.

Seriously, I wanted to add a step 0. Both partners should have a physical to make sure that nothing is obviously wrong with the health of either parent. The woman should mention that she is planning a pregnancy so the doctor can check for conditions which might harm a baby or make conception impossible.

If there are _any_ members of either partner's extended family with a condition that appears hereditary, the parents to be need to have a serious talk with at least one trusted older family member to determine the need of consulting with a geneticist. This will definitely involve some careful diplomacy, but it could prevent a lifetime of misery.
RobKohr7 years ago
Hey thanks! I just made my first one using this instructable. Definitely the most fun to make, and it didn't even require any special tools (ok they were just easy ones to find).
stevoIution7 years ago
From what I've seen, moving into a trailer / caravan helps.
BigD1457 years ago
Your 20% conception rate is an ambiguous statement. Break it down and throw some other numbers in to really show what's involved in getting pregnant. Something like; 50% of all conceptions are aborted by the body.
monocot (author)  BigD1457 years ago
There are a lot of factors that go into why impantation doesn't succeed, however many of those are not in the scope of this instructable. Outside of fertility treatments they are out the control of the couple. I wrote this from the perspective of a healthy couple in their first year of trying to conceive, and what they could do to increase those chances. The statistic I provided was mentioned was provided by American Fertility Association, I have seen it referenced in several articles in pregnancy magazines, and web-md. If you feel another statistic would be more accurate, provide me the source and I'll change the content of the instructable. I don't have my medline access anymore, but I'm sure I could dig something up at one of the local universities here ;)
moep7 years ago
Now we just need a detailed instructable for the actual sex part, don't we? :P *jk*
Punkguyta7 years ago
I don't worry about condoms :p I figure the 15+ beers that got me to the point of being in such a position will probably kill this swimmers off. But seriously, it is important, I don't wanna put up with 20 little kids bitching at this guy because they got their little teen girlfriends preggo. -Punk
rockyt7 years ago
so, if you're trying to keep from getting pregnant and you're a man, then eat, eat, and eat and do not exercise and buy your tidy whiteys a size too small?
monocot (author)  rockyt7 years ago
It might reduce your fertility, but remember it only takes determined swimmer.
Yes, that would likely reduce your odds of having an opportunity for conception.
My wife used the BBT method for all 3 of ours... this stuff isn't too hard to figure out. Remember, practicing is still fun.
wow.. really? ppl dont know this :-\ . lool
so this is where babies come from