Foot fungus sure can be annoying, but there's an easy solution. Read on to find out how.

Step 1: You Will Need

All you need is:
White Vinegar
Cotton Swabs
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Hmm, sounds like there is a controversy over vinegar or baking soda! The picture above does not have the latter, so it seems that Instructables does not condone it yet.
hey, i'm going to try this and suggest it to my father-in-law. We recently moved in with hime to help out and now I have it from the shower and have to wear flip-flops so it doesn't spread. ( I don't really have the time to scrub the shower for an hour or more EVERY DAY) Hope it really works. So far the feedback results have encouraged me. Thanks.<br><br>btw, i have one of those foot spa things that just circulate water, would I be able to use that for the basin or would it mess it up? just wonderin
Man...sounds like a few peeps out there have issues with the acid and the fungus and loves to be aggressive...&quot;be nice&quot;
well this is GREAT! I have been dealing with this seems like FOREVER! How long does it take to see and feel the effects? I will gladly get back to post if this works or not. :) Hopeful it does.
I have just had a bad case of foot fungus, that was spreading rapidly.<br>After an incorrect diagnosis, I had to have a scraping done with a microbiologist to diagnose it, and an oral dose of anti-fungals.<br>He told me that vinegar feeds the fungus, and if you think about how it is made, you will realise.<br>Fermentation.. fermentation.. fermentation<br>If you have tinea/athlete's foot/foot fungus, get it diagnosed, and hopefully if you have a tough liver, your doc will prescribe the anti-fungals.. <br>SO PLEASE CHECK OUT THE FACTS BEFORE YOU LEAD PEOPLE UP THE GARDEN PATH..
wish i had knew this site a while ago, i had REALLY bad athletes foot, pretty much disintegrated my left big toe (and my some of the other toes) and the bad thing is, i just kept picking at it, and when i finally sprayed the antifungal on, it hurt like a b*tch because i picked it so much. :(
I am going to try this, and will post after several weeks. The store bought anti-fungal is expensive, and only works on me for a couple of weeks, then everything comes back.
BIG LIE!!!! you can't get rid of fungus with an acidic substance since fungus thrives in an acidic environment, they love the acid... The only way to get rid of fungus is with a super alkaline substance like Baking Soda (not baking powder) Check your facts before you believe this lie that you can get rid of fungus with an acidic substance. You wanna get rid of fungus? soak your feet in water with baking soda in it for a while, the baking soda KILLS the fungus, not the vinegar. Vinegar feeds the fungus, therefore increasing the problem. Don't be a dummy and get the FACTS
it works even Dr. Oz did a show on it!!!
This also works for toenail fungus. I soaked my feet in white distilled vinegar for 30 minutes, 3X /week for two weeks. My athletes foot disappeared instantly and the toenail fungus went away for a few months then I had to treat again. The second time I treated for a month and it was gone. You might have to treat longer if your case is severe.
oh, cool.
I will give this a try . . . . Damn, now the whole world knows about my Foot Fungus! Brown or white or can I use Cider vinegar?
I would guess you could use cider. It's just as acidic as white distilled vinegar, I believe.
white, look at the picture
is it okay if I soak feet on pure vinegar, without 4/5 of water that is? thankx
it's 1/6 of water, sry, typo have to fix and yeah you can.

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