How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs Without Leaving a Bad Smell


Introduction: How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs Without Leaving a Bad Smell

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We all know them and for some of us it's a big problem. Stink bugs these little insects are gross and you probably don't want them in your house and if you know stink bugs then you also probably know where their name comes from. When you smash a stink bug it releases a horrible "stink" that makes your house smell bad and it attracts more Bugs.

Step 1: You Must Stop the Invasion Before It Starts

It starts with just one or two but don't smash that one thinking "aw it's just one whos cares" that one will turn to one-hundred you must remove the stink bug without causing a stink. first you need supplies

You'll need:

1 clothesline clip( you can get a bunch at target for $2.00)

since it's close to easter you'll need, 1 plastic easter egg ( you can get 30 at dollar store for $1.00)

and Glue of any sort, Hot Glue if you need it on the dot.

Step 2: Time to Crack Some Eggs...

most easter eggs have a little piece sticking off holding the two halves together if so Break/cut it apart so you have two separate halve.

Step 3: Hold Open Your Clip

sorry for bad image

Step 4: Glue the Two Halves to Each End of Clip

Glue Each End Of the clip to the brim on each halve

Pic Coming soon

Step 5: Use It

when you open and close it it should create a little capsule to enclose the bug Where you Can safely dispose of it Remember Even though you're outside do not crush it just let it go.

pic coming soon



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    Here's how I deal with stink bugs. Empty 2 litter soda bottles. I keep one in each room and it's ok if the bottle has a bit of soda left. You can remove the label to be less visible to the bug and to know what the bottle is for. As soon as you see a stink bug catch it into your bottle. After catching a few you'll be a pro at it. They like to just drop so if you angle the bottle just right they fall right in. All you have to do is close the bottle. Most of the time If you careful they wouldn't get a chance to get spooked and do their thing :-). After a while just trash that bottle and switch to a new empty bottle.

    I keep a cup besides the sink, when you see one, or a few. Just grab the cup, put some liquid dish soap in the cup, fill cup halfway with warm water, then knock them into it. The soap and water keeps their pheromones from spreading, and they cannot get out. The soap clogs the porous exoskeleton that they breath through and they die... Can use multiple times or just pour and flush into toilet.... The one I keep next to the sink is marked "soap cup" so nobody in the house thinks it is theirs and uses it by accident

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    that's a very good idea i was going for the not having to touch it approach but the dish soap is genius. and i do know you dont have to use your hands to knock him in but still

    Here's how I handle the stink bug situation... I pick it up using the sticky side of a piece of duct tape. I fold the tape over the stink bug, sealing it inside the tape without crushing it, then it goes in the trash. I'd say that the key to no smell is minimal handling.

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    ok, that's why i made the thing to be like it is so all you have to do is scoop it up and enclose it so you can safely remove of it. but that's a good idea