Step 2: What to do with your victims.

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After you collected all the snails and slugs in the bucket, you might be asking your self, "what can you do with all of them?"
Well, heres some tips...
  • You can kill them all with salt (very disgusting).
  • Keep them as pets (if you love them, my sister loves them very much).
  • Feed your animals that eats snails and slugs.
  • Or you can take them all to some very grassy or over grown places, the snails and slugs will do a good job to make the over grown places look tidier.

After the snails and slugs stayed in the bucket for a few hours, I found some eggs!!! I don't know who laid them, probably a slug, anyway this is my first time seeing some eggs laid by who ever laid the eggs!
I am sure GorillazMiko will want the eggs! Just kidding!

Also the eggs are very bouncy, I accidentally drop one on my desk and it went bouncing around on my desk like a bouncy ball!

Those two more options are n8man's ideas, so credits to n8man.
  • Drop them off in your worst neighbor's (enemy's) back yard.
  • Sell the snails (no slugs) to a french restaurant (not all of the french restaurants will accept the snails, but some will).
Now you might be asking your self, "why in the earth would the french restaurants would want the snails?" (It is quite disgusting, if you really want to know, read on.) Well it is because the french people eats the snails.
Hah-Wine5 years ago