Step 14: Final Thoughts

Picture of Final Thoughts
Thanks as always for reading!  I hope I have inspired you to consider taking up astronomy as a hobby, or a the very least, look up and better understand what you see. 

Please take a moment to rate, subscribe, comment and vote!  I love reader feedback and would be quite interested to know what you think of this one.  All the photos, including the moonshots, were taken with my cheapy kodak, which is going to be an instructable in its own right one day.  When I finish it.

Remember, if you can think of anything I should add to this guide, leave a comment below--if I use it, I'll send you a DIY patch. If I think it requires a major overhaul or rewrite, I'll also send you a coupon for a three month pro membership.  Since I'm from the northern hemisphere and only see the northern sky, if you're reading this from a southern hemisphere perspective, I encourage you to write a supplementary southern hemisphere version of this instructable. If it's up to my (arbitrary) standards I will link to it here and send you a coupon for a one year pro membership!

Please make sure to vote for me in the space contest, I'd really love to get my hands on that first prize telescope!

Most importantly, step outside tonight and look up!
sandeep yadav made it!1 year ago

really helpfull article.

depotdevoid (author)  sandeep yadav1 year ago

Thanks, glad you found it useful!

imesquita1 year ago
This is just awesome! Great job on this tutorial!
I've been an astronomy fan since I can remember (though Saint Seiya helped on it...) but sadIy I was never good on Mathematics, so I couldn't go to Astronomy school, otherwise I'd be killed by Calculus!
Thank you for helping me getting closer to this amazing world (or rather, this amazing universe!)
depotdevoid (author)  imesquita1 year ago
Thank you, I'm glad you liked me instructable!
Flooflox2 years ago
Wonderful instructable. Lots of great tips. I'm in southern Ontario and we have a lot of light interference in my area but we went skiing farther north and were amazed at the nighttime star show.
depotdevoid (author)  Flooflox2 years ago
Thanks Flooflox!