In this DIY i will be showing how to get water in a hot place

Things you need:

• A container that is big enough to hold a few rocks and plants

• Some small pebbles or rocks

• A few plants

• and plastic wrap

• a smaller container

- Firstly, take your container and add a few rocks

- Then add the plants

- Then add the small container on the plants and rocks

- Then cover the top with plastic wrap, but make sure to cover up the whole thing!

- Then put it in direct sunlight

The reason this works is because plants to something that is similar to sweating, which is called transpiration. It is a process that occurs in plants when they release unnecessary water through their leaves.
<p>I believe you have to put a small weight on top of and in the center of the plastic wrap to cause it to sag so the condensation will drip into your catch basin.</p>
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<p>If you place a small pebble in the center of the plastic wrap on the top, it will make enough of a dip that the water droplets will drip right into your small bowl.</p>
<p>This is a great survival trick. More important than getting water, it gets you clean water. Lots of places have water but it isn't safe to drink.</p>

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