How to Get a Copyright Logo




Introduction: How to Get a Copyright Logo

Copyright logos are the meanings that you cannot copy anyone's work without the permission of the copyright owner. But how do you get it? We will show you the easiest ways to make the logo.

You will need:

A windows computer. Any kind of version.

Step 1: Go to Your Start Button

Press the start button that one the lower left corner.

Step 2: Press the Search Bar

Go to the search bar and type in charmap. (Character Map)

Step 3: Press Charmap.

Press charmap, its the top one. If you're one Windows 10 don't get it from the store.

Step 4: Now to Get the Copyright Logo

There are two ways to get the copyright logo.

1st way: Press advance view and search up copyright. Then press select. Then press copy.

2nd way: Just scroll and find it. Then press select. Then press copy.



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