How to Get a FREE Trailer





Introduction: How to Get a FREE Trailer


  1. Muscles!!! (most important)
  2. Tow rope
  3. Pressure washer

Step 1: Go Kayaking

This first step might not always work, but it did for me! Me and my cousin went kayaking up the river on a short day trip.

Step 2: Find a Trailer

We came upon two tires that were sticking up out of the water about two inches. We went and investigated it and found a large trailer sitting upside down! It was covered in sand, mud, and clams.

Step 3: Clear the Sand Off and Lift It Out of the Mud

We used a big rock and a log to lift each corner and put a big rock underneath it. After the whole thing was lifted up on rocks we left it for the night which let the current take off about 1/2 of the sand. We came back the next day and shoveled off the rest of the sand.

Step 4: Kiss a Frog

(Not always necessary)

Step 5: Flip Trailer and Drag Out of the River

We flipped it using man-power and tied a tow rope to it and all 3 of us pulled it up stream about 100 feet to a place close to the road. We cleared all the brush on the bank and pulled it up the steep bank with our 4Runner.

Step 6: Drive It Home and Fix It Up

There were a few things that needed fixing so make it a nice trailer again.

  1. Power wash the sand out of all the pipes
  2. Power wash all the aluminum and wood
  3. Power wash and wire brush the rust off of the steel parts, then spray with rust reformer
  4. Rewire the lights (we didn't have to replace any lights, just the wires)
  5. Fill up the tires

Step 7: Step Back and Admire Your New Trailer

Great job!!! you now have a new trailer, that is pretty awesome but the story is even cooler!!!

(I sold this trailer to my dad for three Taco Bell slushie, hahaha)


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I'm glad ya'll could get it cleaned up and it was still in decent condition :)