Step 2: Rent a Marina Slip

That's where you'll put your new boat.
Our slip costs $200 a month because it's a 30 foot slip.
Our bowsprit is a lot of that length. We could saw it off to save rent, but it's a great thing to ride on.
Some marinas don't allow wooden boats because they don't like beauty or suffering.
Or boats older than ten years, or worth less than 40 grand or somesuch because they worship Moloch.
We found the Emeryville Marina, which is a righteous place.
Here's the application we filled out to get in.
It requires insurance, which in turn asks what marina the boat is in, which is a catch-22.
heh heh "because they worship Moloch". That is why they(most at least) wont let you live out of your boat anymore as well.
TruthHunter3 years ago
I just did some kayaking in Key Largo area. I saw a lot of house boats that
were in the free to skanky looking category. I saw one with an orange sticker
on the window like you see on dead freeway cars. Did the guy end up in a nursing home? also a bunch of old FG hulls with plywood shanties built on them.

In florida, you can anchor a lot of places as long as you are "cruising". Its kind
of hard to earn a living though if you have to keep moving.

Bishop's 4 Months in a Sneakbox describes the Riverboat culture that was somewhat of a revelation to me. They would build them out of cheap lumber in Pittsburgh, sometimes just salvage that got(stole) away from lumber floats. they would
float down the river through the winter months, gambling(ever hear of a River Boat Gambler?) hunting, fishng,rustling, etc. They'd sell the boats in New Orleans and take the Steamer back to Pittsburg and do it all over again. I suspect these Gypsy caused a lot of the laws that make living on the water difficult.
What we need is the nautical equivalent of Slab City!
T Bomber4 years ago
I've actually been considering the possibility of buying an old fishing boat and converting it.Fishing boats are relatively cheap if they don't come with a permit.Sell off the gear and equipment if it still has that stuff.But you could probably find just the boat.A 65-75 ft trawler would give you beaucoup room.
Skai5 years ago
damn i dont want to have to pay anymore rent
People should be allowed to live in ANY boat... I have a right to do what I want in and or on my property and if they don't like it they can take the boat... If they can get past me and my guns....
drewdoog7 years ago
Id just live in it.. seriously
The major factor a boat owner should consider are the local zoning laws. You can get a pretty hefty fine for living in a non-residential zone such as a rent-storage facility. Plus not having running water, electricity, or long-term toilets can get inconvenient real fast. And hooking up to a near by ‘free’ source would not go unnoticed for very long since someone has to pay the bill.
        An acquaintance of mine used a hole in enforcement to get around the laws. He pulled a hull into the parking lot at the rear of his business. He gutted everything and lowered a camper inside the hull and bolted it in. He ran power from his shop. It turns out that the regulation of boats fell to our water police and they never patrol on land. And the building inspectors could do nothing as the boat was on a trailer. Even if some official had wanted to complain that he was living in that boat it would be very hard for them to prove. With the door closed even if they climbed on board it would be hard to swear that anyone was inside the camper. Oddly the guy did rig the camper in such a way that the boat actually could function on the water. He even took a long vacation on that contraption.
That's sounds pretty cool and sneaky. Could you post some pictures of the 'Winnebago-boat' if you have any?
What's to stop you from taking a sailboat south from the East or Gulf Coasts, to sail up the Rio Dulce (at Livingston, Guatemala) and anchor at a marina in Rio Dulce town for $100/mon? Bar/restaurant/WiFi and head and shower included + NO winter weather. The U.S. Coast Guard say the Rio Dulce is protected from hurricanes in the Caribe and when I was there that were the yachties were cruising into for a safe, cheap haven.
TimAnderson (author)  hotspringfreak6 years ago
A friend's dad was living on his boat in Rio Dulce. He was telling me how great it is. I see from your name you're a freak for hotsprings. How do I find the good ones here in california? is there a secret list of "secret" ones?
I fell in love with Hot Springs Arkansas this summer. Great Place, the locals talked of lots of springs on private property. Kinda sucked the, the bath houses would not let me in with a pair of reg shorts or even mesh lacrosse shorts.
Q. What medicine do saylors take to keep them from rolling off their bunks in stormy seas? A. Vigara
marcintosh6 years ago
Stayed an entire winter on a 38' Post Sport Fisherman. It was a live-aboard kind of deal. $1200 fee's for the winter included electricity. The chandlers stayed open so I could use the head and shower. I found an old Ice Eater so that took care of the freezing-in issue. It was great in January in CT. You could cut the quiet with a knife 8-D. The only issue was rolling over in the bunk if you were below the waterline. The merest touch on the bulkhead and instantly awake from your skin "freezing" to it. I learned fast. The boat was moored to a seawall so I didn't have to worry about taking a tumble off a finger dock into the drink- It was heavenly - I heartily recommend it but only on a boat with heating and other humane amenities.
SCoallier7 years ago
"Some marinas don't allow wooden boats because they don't like beauty or suffering." Literally LOL on that one. My family had a 41' 1956 Chris Craft for a while...beauty and suffering is right!