How to Get a Home in EpicDuel




Introduction: How to Get a Home in EpicDuel

EpicDuel is a PvP game owned by Artix Entertainment. One of the many interesting features of EpicDuel, is Housing.

Step 1: Bring Up the Home Interface

There are two ways to bring up the EpicDuel Housing Manager. You can either click on the world icon to bring up the world map and then click on the house symbol, or simply click the house icon on the user interface.

Step 2: Choose a Home

There are six different homes in EpicDuel:

- Fortune Studio Apartment
- Barrens Yurt
- Luxury Mine Suite
- Fortune City Loft
- Biodome Bunker
- Junkyard Crawler

All of the houses have different prices, rooms, and residences. Depending on your house's residence, you will be able to jump there if you own a house in that area. The Junkyard Crawler is also a rare prize available while doing Arcade Battles.



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