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Well, you probably heard about the new Windows 8 that Microsoft is creating. If not, check out this Wikipedia article here .
This instructable will show you how to install Windows 8 via a usb drive.

Step 1: A Little Info...

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And beware, this is a pre-beta version of Windows 8. It is unstable and unreliable. 

waheedxamo8 months ago

Hello Friends!

If you want to install windows from USB then it is a simple way to do that, I have seen a lot of laptops without a CD Rom, then Installing from USB is best option

Hope You will enjoy this tool.

rap god10 months ago
The tool you used was windows 7 USB/DVD tool. But can it copy windows 8 ??
joespicnictables (author) 3 years ago
install windows 8?
tinker2343 years ago
how can i do this in windows vista home
tinker2343 years ago
wow thanks perfect for upgrading my laptop
techboy4113 years ago
It is a PRE-BETA release, so it is buggy
joespicnictables (author)  techboy4113 years ago
motions3 years ago
"And beware, this is a pre-beta version of Windows 8. It is unstable and unreliable."

This describes all versions of Windows!!!! ;-)
gwhizz3 years ago
It looks like Media Centre.
No offense but there's more than a few bugs its got more bugs than a picnic area (i thought you'd like the terminoligy since yo make picnic tables) But anyway its definatly buggy. But youll have to play around to figure anything out cause its apain to get it to do some simple stuff. Like when you want to restart the only way i found how to do that was to log off first cause theres no restart option on the desktop.
there is an easy way to restart! first, hover you mouse over the start icon in the corner, and a small list will come up. When it comes up, click the settings butten, and there will be a power option! Hope that helps. :D
That must have been in a recent update cause when i downloaded and installed it the first time you couldnt do that so i just got rid of it completely and it took me a few hours to do it too cause the way ive had to get rid of dual booted os didnt work for this one
And beware, this is a pre-beta version of Windows 8. It is unstable and unreliable.

As is all Microsoft operating systems so far the only thing windows 8 is good for is messing up your boot.ini file. Unless your in windows 7 then you gotta download easybcd to fix it and make sure you configure it correctly. And if you try a dual boot with dual harddrives you wont boot into 7 unless you format the windows 8 drive. So have fun with it and try out some of the games.               If you do decide to try this make sure you back everything up and then have a computer place you can call for tech support on how to fix it.
DragonsWars3 years ago
yes Windows 8 can any computer or laptop or tables whatever.

my Sony Vaio netbook YB AMD/APU it worked.
joespicnictables (author)  DragonsWars3 years ago
lemonie3 years ago

Windows 8 eh? what an imaginative name.

joespicnictables (author)  lemonie3 years ago
hehe... i think its a code name.
joespicnictables (author) 3 years ago
danke!(german for thank you) :P
What can it do that you can not already do. I saw a demo of it and they had trouble doing features W7 had standard.
salomon19963 years ago