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If you have ever been on a computer at school recently then you know that they have annoying blockers that keep you from going to certain sites. Maybe you want to get on MySpace to access your social life. Or maybe you are just trying to do research and the filter keeps getting in your way. I have found a way to do this.

(Note: Usually if a school catches you doing this, they will punish you. I am not responsible for it.)

Step 1: Google's Way

Picture of Google's Way
Now this is an easy way to do this, you will be using Google Translate (http://translate.google.com/?sl=auto&tl=en) as a proxy. Because schools do not block google, and the address when you are using google translate comes up as google, this works. However, google translate does not convert pages from English to English, you will be translating from myspace latino.

Go to http://translate.google.com/?sl=auto&tl=en
Set the first language as Spanish or "Auto Detect"
Set the second language to english
Type http://latino.myspace.com/ into the space provided
Click "Translate"
Enjoy MySpace
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NetOps16 years ago
Good Luck!! If you have a Net Admin worth a Darn, then there isn't any "Getting Around" or Getting on MySpace or anywhere else!! - Good Use of Active Directory/GPO's - No Rights to Log Off - Deny Downloads - Deny Safe Mode reboot - Deny Command Line Access - Deny Any Configuration changes - Blocking System in Place (Keep It Stealth) - Block Proxy Sites Do you really think we don't pay attention to what sites you go to or how you try to get around. If you put half this effort into School Work, then you'd be getting All A's! That pretty much covers any ways around. Keep Trying & we'll keep Blocking!! NetOps1
shammallamaman (author)  NetOps16 years ago
Very true, i had originally had this titled "how to get on any site at school" but i needed it to be about myspace for a contest. Personally I don't like myspace and i guess my school doesn't have an admin that is worth a darn, because all of these methods worked for me. The admin also blocked sites that had key words that i need for research sometimes, that's why i personally use these methods, I have not once used these for myspace :)
Your Schools Media Center should have access to most sites for research (Google, Wikipedia, etc.). Working for or attending a School there are sites that are blocked for content & can not be accessed from school grounds.
I've got a Good example - bikini:
I can open a Google search for bikini I get several thousand sites, however if I try to search images I'll be blocked for Adult Content. There are Cyber Lawshttp://www.safeflorida.net/SafeFL.nsf/pages/Schools that help Protect Students at School ensuring the appropriate, ethical use of technology. That's why the Blocks are in Place.

shammallamaman (author)  NetOps16 years ago
I'e got a good example for me too mouse trap car-google search- or ultimate mouse trap car i had to do a project on them for science and build one, but most of the sites had designs but also sold kits for their cars, so they were blocked for shopping. I agree that there should be blockers, but they should be smarter or just narrowed down more. Until then by necessity for a good grade, I need to use these techniques. In responsible hands, all of these are tools, not enemies.
on MY schools blocker...you cant even get on to google translate.....i reckon it probably has the best blocking system yet.... :(
Elementix2 years ago
I don't suppose you have a copy of the old Lozdodge program do you? The site is long gone, and the program is nowhere to be found. I've been looking for a long time. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Prometheus6 years ago
Why not use your time at school to LEARN something instead of obsessing over MySpace? There is a reason those blocks are there, and it is to keep you focused on learning something while you are at school instead of useless distractions such as MySpace. Get on MySpace AFTER SCHOOL, there is no reason to be there with such emergence that you have to be there on school time and you can't wait until you are on your OWN TIME. If you can't see this for yourself, quit school, as you will never make anything of yourself anyway. Quit wasting the time of those trying to help you have a better life and let someone with a desire to better themselves take your place. It is little wonder why american education is so distressed, and why we produce the most-lacking people in terms of education worldwide. If you are THAT desperate to be on MySpace, stop going to school and live there all day long. Forget your education and any hopes of a career and even having real friends, and use the internet as a foundation for your entire social life. Finally, don't come crying to the government to support you on unemployment because you are un-educated and have no people-skills. The rest of us have the desire to make a life for ourselves, and make time for our freelance-socialization when we have it, because unskilled homeless people have no social life at all. The next generation of the homeless will be called the "myspace misfits", or those who spent more time on social websites than they did on their education, because a personal blog simply wasn't enough for them. If MySpace is your primary social-structure, then your social behavior is seriously-damaged.
The correct spelling is "Negative". See what I mean? Stay in school......
In your earlier response you used the word emergence, a philosophy regarding creation of objects through simple reactions, in place of urgency. You have displayed a lack of intelligence and a lack of understanding of the public school system. You are however demonstrating an impressive level of hypocrisy.
DJ Radio no-one5 years ago
Hey, nobody's perfect.  I bet he typo'd and forgot the Y at the end of "emergency".
really still spending your time here when you could be furthing your life?
take your own advice leave
oh, my apologies, I misspelled negative. it wont happen again. my apologies for wasting your time by misspelling negative
shammallamaman (author)  Hellchild6 years ago
chicken strips
Why wouldnt u want to go on myspace at school we kids need to go all the time
pro u have no idea what your talking about you just told pepole to drop out of school
and why are you on this website looking for a way to get passed blockers? maybe you should do wtf your suppose to be rather than worrying about this and get a life omg
o really ok
I agree with you 99%. however, there is one little thing that I don't agree with, and that is that you actually learn much at school, I mean I've learn more here and in my free time than I ever have at school. But still, down with MySpace!!!
You just learn a wider variety of things on the internet, but they mean nothing without the basics you learn AT school. This is kinda why this upsets me so, because hard working people will have to support them and their 8 kids because they don't have a basic education. They can go on myspace all they want, but not on school's time and especially not on the school's dime...because that's our dime intended to educate them, not entertain them.
Well if you go to https://joblock.info it worked for me. and you type in what website you want to go to. such as myspace. you will have to keep pressing yes to see "non-secure items" but its ok
there called proxies
erikals5 years ago
At my school everything is allowed except youtube (it gives the classic Access Denied) message you get from proxy servers (also on the catalog computers at the library when you try to use them to get on google)
Qajs15 years ago
Can't we just use google.com? Do we HAVE to use google translate?
Pizzapie5005 years ago
Can you explain this? If I want to go to youtube I would type in https://www.youtube.com?
shammallamaman (author)  Pizzapie5005 years ago
yes, but it only works for some sites, gmail.com is one of those, but i'm not sure if youtube is
Pizzapie5005 years ago
Thats a longggg List! Too bad they blocked those too
lilbit905 years ago
this old crappy stuff didnt evan work do any one have something different
ReCreate5 years ago
And if all those Proxies are blocked(my case) go to:http://newppg.com/recreate/PhpExmerimentalfiles/experimentalproxy/
aarons1236 years ago
do all your blocked stuff at home, i have been in trouble with the police because of my website. not nice. dont use proxys and if its blocked at school, chances are you shouldnt do it at school
sharlston6 years ago
is there a proxy for the uk?
mad student6 years ago
this dident work
Everything he/she mentioned didn't work?
sharlston6 years ago
is there a proxy for the uk?
I think yall need to stop trying to get on myspace and chill until u get home just play games on yo free time of look up music if yall dat bored.
I think if you dont like what we do then you need to keep your comments to yourself
none of htese thing worked.!
4emzn046 years ago
yea but my school they block ton of site because of a word on the website. I try look up a book on at school and the site was block. i want home and there was nothing bad on it. and they block site that have the world witch, social networks and some other site. yet they don't block the porn site. my school fire wall sucks
driftking566 years ago
my school has web sense and blocks proxy avoidances... HELP!!!
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