Make your own money keyring that you can hold a few notes encase of emergency or to give to someone with money rolled up inside its a great way to give someone money for their birthday ! you cna then simply pull out the note/bill by pulling it through the slot !

Step 1: Drilling the Hole

First i drilled the hole making sure to pull the drill out every so often to clear the chips out.

Step 2: Join the Hole

cut a slot with the tablesaw you need to cut far enough so you can fit a bill or note inside.

Step 3: Sanding...

I then cut the stock in half with a tablesaw and a handsaw as my blade is too dull for this hard wood, then i used an orbital sander and sanded it down then i used some hand sandpaper to knock of the sharp corners.

Step 4: Finishing Up

if you want you can drill a hole and attach a keyring, now wipe of some boiled linseed oil and try it out !

<p>Very creative for giving money; most people just do cool cash origami.</p>

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