How to Glitter Your Furniture : the Easy Way





Introduction: How to Glitter Your Furniture : the Easy Way

I'm always looking for ways to refinish and beautify thrifted Furniture finds. What better way to do so than with Glitter! I'm go to show you and EASY and cheap way to Glitz up your furniture piece. I will be using this old garage sale find that I have already refinished for my girls bedroom.

Are you ready to Glam up your furniture ? Alright let's do this!!!

Step 1: Rally Up Your Supplies

For this project you will need :

-Mod Podge $1 ( I purchased mine from Target in their Dollar Spot )

- Foam Brushes $1 Also from Target Dollar Spot

-Paint .59 at Walmart ( this isn't necessary but it's an option for touch ups)

-Mini Wax Poly Finish $8.00 Walmart

Glitter - $2.99 Hobby Lobby

Step 2: Wipe It Down

I like to wipe down my furniture pieces with a good cleaner and then a wet rag. It's good to start projects like this with a clean slate.

Step 3: Remove Hardware

I always seem to forget this part. Remove hardware, It just makes it SO much easier to work with your furniture piece.

Step 4: Add ModPodge

Simply add your Mod Podge to where you want to add the glitter. I decided to add it to the lighter pink sections of this dresser. Brush on a light coat of glue and make sure not to leave any thick globs behind

Step 5: Add GLITTER

This is my favorite part...Adding glitter. Just add glitter over the top of where you brushed on the glue. Wait for about 10 minutes until its fully dry.

Step 6: Remove Glitter

Time to remove the glitter. Now i used a plate so i can try to conserve glitter but you can most certainly wipe it off on to the ground...if your outside that is.

Step 7: Now Repeat Steps 4,5,6

Repeat step 4,5,6 two times.

TIP: when applying glitter be sure to add a generous coat of glitter.

Step 8: Seal in Your Glitter

Time for the last step. Seal in your glitter with this Miniwax Polycrylic sealant. Simply brush on a thin coat over the glittered areas. Let dry for 30 minutes then apply the second coat if needed.

Step 9: Enjoy

Now step back and take a look what you did!



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    Thank you , and so are you Chief! Thanks for stopping by and showing me some love.

    :@thanks for the step by step instructions !

    This is an amazing idea! glitter is a girls best friend! Good work! Keep it up.

    Thank you! I plan on createing many more DIY's for this website! Stick around!

    It looks great ! Good job

    It looks great with the glitter. I love the pink!!

    Thank you Doll. Pink and glitter go hand in hand ,don't they?