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Today most people don't know how to glue right, they Always end up making a mess. Well this instructable will teach you how to glue the proper way.

What you'll need...

1) Elmer's Glue
2) Two things to glue
3) paper towel (optional)

Step 1: Glue and paper

Picture of Glue and paper
Get the Glue and the two pieces of paper ready
threshin6 years ago
i thought that stuff was for eating
bradpowers7 years ago
My goodness, maybe I should retake 1st grade art! I just might pass with this trick. (Seriously, I failed 1st grade art, very sad) This explains a lot! ;)
how do you fail art all you do is scribble...
I don't know. My art teacher clearly disliked my scribbles. Actually, first grade art was pretty involved, and I (being like 8?) disliked it. So I scribbled with severe apathy befitting a first grade art dropout.
You're 8 at first grade? must be held back a lot. I was 6 at 1st grade.
No, I was actually bumped forward a year, maybe I was 5. I dunno, I don't keep track of these things.
your teacher's on crack
josefu07 years ago
wow this is good for a 1st grade art.
When making models I just use my fingers to spread it it out. The stuff that sticks your finger just rubbs off.
shooby7 years ago
I use Elmer's for building architectural models, primarily using basswood. The key to using this glue is spreading it thin, to the point that you shouldn't be able to see any white. You don't need to iron it! It dries in seconds when applied thin enough. Unlike epoxy or similar glues Elmer's does not dry stronger than the materials you are trying to glue, so it's better off being as thin as possible. Always have a piece of scrap with a straight edge to spread the glue with, and never apply the glue straight from the bottle - put it onto a scrap piece of paper first.
theRIAA7 years ago
this is a horrible way to glue two pieces of paper together. you should smear the glue around with the glue tip or else you will see the glue dots through the paper.

"a dot is a lot" yes, but that doesn't mean you have to use it in dot form.
rc jedi7 years ago
you can glue wood to foam. but large pieces of styrofoam are not porous enough for the glue in the middle to dry. I have opened up these and found wet glue in the middle after several days. white school glue has limitations.
rc jedi7 years ago
and lots more! for building balsa sheets into larger sheets, preglue the edges (longwise) and let dry. then, butt the edges together over waxpaper and press down with a hot iron. the glue will adhere and in moments you have a large balsa sheet for covering those r/c plane wings. These large sheets are sometimes called "skins"