Step 5: X-Y Axis Graph

Here is where you need the use of equations to solve.

We're back to the squares, but this one has a source that you need to make.

To make it you have a vertical line, a hoorizontal line, and incriment vertically and horizontally ranging from positive infinity to negative infinity.

To put points on the graph you will be given coodinates. These coordinates are stated as (x,y). An example of that is (1,2) that is graphed one right and two up.

Now say that you have 2 points (1,3) and (2,1) and you need to find out what the slope is. to find the slope you first label the coordinates, then follow the second image for the equation, and what you get is slope.

What is you need the Slope- Intercept form, this fun little equation shows the direction that a slope goes and where it starts. this uses one coordinate and a slope.*if you don't have the slope, you can get it now* this equation is the same as the third image.

to get the y-intercept or B, you need a coordinate (x,y) and a slope. then plug in the numbers and find out what B equals. last picture is a good example.

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