Step 2: The Basics

Picture of The Basics
The X and Y Axis are lines, so they go on indefinitely, and most higher level Math looks at them as more of a "Plus" Sign. The Center Point, (0,0) is called the Origin. Not (0,0.01), not (0,0.00000001), exactly (0,0), were the two Axis cross.

There are four Quadrants in a Graph, and they start at the top right one, and move Counter/Anti-Clockwise. As you can see, they're named Quadrant I, Quadrant II, Quadrant III, and Quadrant IV. (Roman Numerals for 1,2,3,4). In Quadrant I, the X and Y are both positive numbers. In Quadrant II, the X is negative, and the Y is Positive. In Quadrant III, the X and the Y are negative. And in Quadrant IV, the X is positive, and the Y is not.