Introduction: How to Grease a Bearing

Video tutorial on how to correctly pack a tapered roller bearing with grease. For this video I am packing a brand new bearing with grease, but if you are working with an older bearing then it must be cleaning first. After cleaning, it MUST be inspected for scoring, galling, heat discolouration or anything other damage.

Tools/Supplies Needed:

  • grease
  • rubber gloves
  • degreaser
  • bearing

Step 1:

Ensure your hands are clean and free of any dirt as this can contaminate the new grease. This type of bearing should be checked about every 12,000 miles, 20,000km, or once a year, but this will vary between manufacturers, so check your owner’s manual. When I refer to checked, this can mean removed to inspect for damage, lubricated or torqued. These type of bearings can be found on various applications such as vehicles, trailers, farm equipment, etc.

Step 2:

Taking a glob of wheel bearing compatible, place it in the palm of your hand. I would recommend wearing some form of rubber gloves as this makes clean up much easier afterwards. Holding the bearing in the opposite hand, then scrap away small portions from the glob of grease. Keep rotating the bearing during the process which will help work the grease within the bearing. Eventually the grease will be squished through the opposite side. Once it’s worked it’s way through to the opposite side all the way around, inspect the bearing to ensure there are no empty pockets and spread a light layer of grease around the outside of the bearing. Now you are ready for installation.


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