Step 6: Brush your cat

Picture of Brush your cat
1) Brush your cat’s mane, back and tummy with a large pin brush (also called a slicker brush).

Note: you will probably need someone to gently hold/restrain your cat while you brush the tummy area.

2) Brush your cat’s legs and tail with a wide toothed comb.

Note: the following minor steps are only necessary if your cat has clumped or greasy hair

3) Remove matted clumps by holding on to the clump at the base near the skin and brushing through it with the pin brush. (Holding the clumped hair at the base will help from tugging on the skin which can be painful for your cat). It may take several minutes to break up the matted clump with the brush.

Note: if you cannot brush the clump out, you can use a blunt-ended pair of scissors to remove it.

Warning: you must make sure no skin is caught up within the clump before you cut it out. Cats have very thin skin and can easily hurt if you clip their skin.

4) Rub a small nickle size amount of corn starch into a greasy area on your cats coat and comb the corn starch out. This will dry out the hair.